Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Two Great Reasons to Visit Downtown Ferndale

Downtown Ferndale has always been a great place to have dinner, get a drink, + see some live music but post-pandemmy they are stepping it up and making sure that everyone has a reason to come visit.  

First, they announced that they would be allowing to-go libations and outdoor drinking in designated areas throughout the city. Then, they teamed up with the DIA Inside | Out program to bring even more art and culture to their already mural-filled Downtown space. They also added a lot of outdoor seating, a pop-up park, and some beautiful flower-filled benches to make it even more inviting to come to hang out!

The patio zones are open from 10 a.m. - 10 p.m. Thursday through Friday throughout the Summer/Fall.  You can get a drink at one of the participating bars/restaurants and walk around the East or the West Zone (basically, don't cross Woodward) with your to-go drink. Participating businesses include 215 West, Anita’s Kitchen, Assaggi Bistro, Bobcat Bonnie’s, Brooks Brewing, Corner Grill & Detroit Axe. The Oakland, The Rust Belt Market, Woodward Avenue Brewers, Como’s Restaurant, Danny’s Irish Pub, Imperial, J’s Penalty Box, Otus Supply, Traverse City Whiskey, and Valentine Distilling Co.

The art is on display throughout the city. The DIA placed 6 different works of art in Downtown Ferndale that are only 1,500 steps or 3/4 of a mile apart from each other. This includes reproductions of Canaletto, The Piazza San Marco, and Florine Stettheimer, Love Flight of a Pink Candy Heart. You can see a full list, get audio to listen to, and get a map of the artwork locations here.

Many of the art pieces are located in or near parks where you can also relax and enjoy a drink, so it only makes sense that you get a drink to-go, see the pieces on the left side of Woodward. Then, cross when you are fished with the first round, grab a second round, and see the rest. We also recommend grabbing lunch or dinner post second round to keep it safe.
If you want to learn more about patio zones or the DIA Inside Our Program click here.

If you want to stay up to date on things Downtown Ferndale follow them on IG here.


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