Friday, August 14, 2020

Yum Village is Really Yummy

Going out and trying something new is one of my favorite things to do. I love new music, new art, and new food. Unfortunately, 2020 is not the year to "go out" which can make it hard to try new things. When we first got locked down I was too freaked out to order out, but as the months have gone by I have found myself craving things that I cannot recreate at home. At first, I was just hitting up my favorite carryout spots, but I had to break out of the rut and try something different.

I decided that I wanted to give Yum Village a shot. I have heard good things and I knew that they had vegan options, so I placed an order online without knowing exactly what I was in store for. I have never knowingly had Afro-Caribbean Cuisine and was not familiar with some of the foods on the menu, so I decided to grab a vegan combo meal and see what it was all about.

First and foremost, I learned that the combo meal is meant to feed a lot more than one person. You could easily feed two to three people with the order. Initially, I thought $20+ (with tip) was a lot for a plant-based combo meal but upon inspection, it was a deal to get that much good food at such a low cost. Especially since EVERYTHING that I ordered was amazing. I purchased the Roots Combo which included Spicy Bean Rice, Roasted Brussels, and Ginger Curry Chickpeas. The rice was really spicy and flavorful, the Brussels were perfectly cooked and the curry chickpeas were out of this world. In fact, I would go as far as to say that this was the best chickpea dish that I have ever had, and I eat a lot of chickpeas so that is a pretty profound statement. The flavors and seasonings that were used to make these dishes were unlike anything I have ever tasted before and my palette was delighted to be introduced to whatever was giving every bite such a pleasant kick. I also wholeheartedly believe that if a restaurant can do vegan well, they can more than handle meat and poultry. Yum Village offers a variety of meat-heavy dishes and stews that are most likely just as good as everything I tried. You can see their full menu here.

I am pleased to report that I loved this place and will be ordering from there a lot more often. Speaking of ordering, they have moved all of their sales online and they will walk your food out to your car when you come to get it. They are trying to keep COVID-safe so they have made it as easy as it can be to get what you want exactly how you want it without having to risk the health of their staff or their customers.

Overall this one was one of the best meals I have eaten this year. I am so glad that I placed an order and tried something new. If you need to spice things up and try something different, I suggest giving Yum Village a try!


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