Thursday, August 20, 2020

Dive into Detroit's Dining Culture with a New Podcast Called Vegetarian Detroit

There have been a lot of stories written about Detroit's dining scene, but only a few of them have focused on the vegetarian and vegan cuisine that Detroit's chefs have created. There is a serious lack of conversation about all of the amazing plant-based options that we have, but a new podcast created by Jewell Dziendziel is going to change that.

Jewell has just released the first few episodes of her new podcast "Vegetarian Detroit" and each one is better than the next. So far she has interviewed Mike Ransom of Ima, Quianna “Que” Broden Chef and Owner of The Kitchen, Lamar Farhat Executive Sous Chef of Leila, Brad Greenhill Chef and Owner of Magnet and Takoi, and Manal Hussein owner and Baker of For the Love of Sugar. 

Each episode of the podcast is about a half-hour long and every chef has some interesting information to share about plant-based cooking. Jewell is a great interviewer who knows how to keep the conversation moving. You can listen to all the episodes of the new podcast here. We look forward to learning more about the plant-based dining scene as she releases new episodes.


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