Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Get Help Restoring Your Historic Home

Earlier this year we told you that a production company would be coming to town to help historic home owners in Detroit complete their restoration projects. Well, if you thought you missed out, you are in luck because they are still looking for interested parties! 

To fill you in, Bodega Pictures will be filming a show here in Detroit for a major cable network (we'll let you guess which one). This company has produced shows like Tiny Luxury and Stager Things on HGTV as well as Girl Meets Farm on Food Network. For this show, they are working with people that have historic homes that are at least 70 years old or older in the Detroit area. Interested parties should have an existing design/renovation budget in place and be ready for construction between September-February of 2021 (flexible). Here's their pitch:

    • Are you in the middle of OR are you planning to restore a historical home?
    • Do you feel in-over-your-head, intimidated, concerned or overwhelmed?
    • Do you feel as though you have bitten off more than you can chew and not sure where or who to turn to?
    • Do you want help from a nationally recognized, expert historical home contractor/designer?
    • Do you have a renovation budget set aside, just need to find the perfect contractor?

If this sounds like something that you are interested in, send the following information to tvhomecasting@gmail.com
    • Full Name(s)
    • Area of Detroit you live in
    • Contact Information (Email & Phone)
    • Renovation Budget
    • Brief Bio explaining why you need/deserve help restoring your historical home
    • Several photos of you (+family, partner, spouses, etc) AND the property (interior and exterior)
This could be a really cool opportunity for some lucky homeowners in Detroit! Just think, you won't have to worry about hiring the right contractor or doing all of the work yourself. Instead, you'll be getting help from some of the best in the business! 


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