Sunday, August 16, 2020

Cadieux Cafe is Back with a New Biergarten and Live Music

Photo from Cadieux Cafe's Social Media

We weren't sure if the time would ever come, but live music is slowly returning! We really enjoyed all the live streams that we watched throughout the pandemic but as good as those were, it wasn't the same as watching and listening live. Although most venues haven't been able to reopen, some venues are trying to figure out a way to safely bring back live music.  Cadieux Cafe is one of those places.

Cadieux initially experimented by inviting a few people to hang out in their new 5,000 square foot outdoor Biergarten and after hosting a few shows, they have been filling up their calendar with more live events. This week they have shows booked on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Tuesday you can catch Supercrunch performing the music of Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead. Thursday night it's a '90s party with Interstate 90's. Friday night Mezz will hit the stage and Saturday night Before The Flood will bring you a Bob Dylan Revue. 

Cadieux Cafe currently has live music booked well into October. You can see their full list of upcoming events by visiting their Facebook page here. We've attached some photos of the space so you can take a look before you decide if you feel safe checking out some live music at a safe distance from others. If you decide to head to one of their shows, don't forget to bring your mask to protect yourself and others! If you're not sure about going to a show just yet, the Biergarten is also open on non-show nights.

Cadieux Cafe is located on the eastside of Detroit at 4300 Cadieux Rd. To keep up to date on their happenings, give them a follow on Facebook and Instagram

Photos from Cadieux Cafe's Social Media


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