Monday, November 4, 2019

Share a Meal at Magnet Detroit

Did you know that sharing a meal can increase trust and make you feel closer to someone? Researchers have found that we feel closer to people who are eating the same food as us and this closeness helps build trust and cooperation. A new restaurant called Magnet Detroit wants to capitalize on this to give Detroiters an extraordinary experience by bringing everyone together to embrace the art of sharing a meal. 

This new 2,100-square-foot space has an open seating concept with a 32-foot long bar at the center that features a recessed floor to place the staff at eye level with their visitors. The food has a Middle Eastern flair and everything they prepare is cooked inside a wood fire grill that runs on oak, cherry, and apple wood to give their dishes the perfect flavors. Their menu features a variety of shareable flatbreads, fire-grilled vegetables, and roasted meats, but for our first visit, we kept it 100% vegan and sampled some of the 1/3 of the menu that is purely plant-based. This included carrots, chickpea flatbread, beets, broccoli, a whole fire-roasted cauliflower head. Every dish was delightful, but the chickpea flatbread and the beets stood out as the show stoppers. The seasonings and the fire-grilled smokey taste gave everyday veggie dishes a whole new edge. The food was different and delightful and came out with perfect pacing so that we could enjoy each dish when it was at its peak.
I really appreciated how well run the entire production was especially since it's only been open for a few weeks. But, the most memorable thing about our visit was the smell. From the second we walked in the door I was overtaken by how delightful the restaurant smelled.  Most restaurants reek of oil and grease, but Magnet smelled like great food from the second we opened the door. The fire-grilled smell simply enhance the meal. 

We cannot recommend this place enough, but there are a few things you need to know before you go. You can make reservations, but you might not be able to get a table because tables are for groups of four or more and they usually book up in advance. Smaller groups are seated at the bar and walk-ins are welcome, but the seats fill up really fast. The prices also seem shocking at first, everything is a few dollars higher then you might be used to, but the restaurant is tip free. This means that the price on the menu is the final price with tip. We split 5 items in-between 3 people and ordered two rounds of drinks and our bill was right around $50 a person with the tip. We cannot remember the last time we ate and drank so well for $50. so the prices are on point.

Magnet is located at 4842 Grand River Ave., Detroit, MI 48208. they serve food Monday - Sunday and are only open from 5 p.m. until 10 p.m. We highly suggest rounding up your friends and family and enjoying a meal together. Click here to make a reservation.


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