Monday, July 8, 2019

The Dr. Wants You to Eat Good Sushi

Sushi has always been one of my favorite foods, but ever since I went vegan, I have been underwhelmed by my options. It turns out that most sushi places only offer a few vegan rolls and they tend to be pretty basic. This means that despite being one of my favorites, I haven't enjoyed much sushi over the past two years and I was really starting to miss it. So, I ventured out to see if I could find someplace that would make me something that would make my mouth water the same way that salmon avocado used to, that's when I found the doctor.

Dr. Sushi is a local Detroit catering company that has been popping up at restaurants and bars all over the city for the last 6 years. Nick George, a.k.a. Dr. Sushi, began his journey as a prep chef in a sushi bar before venturing out to create the first sustainable sushi business in Metro Detroit. His approach is to source high-quality sustainable fish and locally grown seasonal fruits and vegetables to bring his customers the freshest and most eco-sustainable sushi that they have ever tasted. His cuisine also caters to vegetarian and vegan eaters by offering up lots of options that aren't on any other menu in town. This includes 2 of the best rolls I have ever eaten. One featured avocado, sweet potato, cucumber inari, and onion, and another that featured avocado with lemon habanero kosho. Each bite of sushi was PACKED with flavors that I have haven't tasted before. Dr. Sushi was by far the best sushi that I have ever had, vegan or otherwise.
There are three different ways that you can try Dr. Sushi for yourself. The first option is to attend one of his monthly pop-ups around town. The next one that he has scheduled will take place on July 12th at Lost River in Detroit. You can follow them here to stay up to date on their pop up events. The second way is to hire him to cater to your party or event. They can deliver some sushi trays, hangout and make them for your guests, or prepare an entire 5-course meal for your friends if you have the money and space. The final way that you can try their food is to attend one of their sushi classes. They have one at Brooklyn Street Local this Wednesday, July 10th and they run them all around town throughout the year. You can even reach out and book your own class for you and your friends if you want to learn together. You can find out more about Dr. Sushi's classes here.


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