Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Meet Josie Pace

Detroit has always been home to raw and original talent. We are a breeding ground for strong artists who have a vision that they can carry through to the stage and present to the world. We created Motown and made major impacts on hip hop and rock and roll, we were also a mecca for garage rock just a decade ago. A lot of people have speculated about what makes Detroit a melting pot for creative magic and they have come up with a lot of reasons, including our weather, our winters, and our deep connection to the car companies for the last century. But those are only contributing factors, the truth is that Detroit artists are unapologetic. They aren't afraid to have a vision and to carry it out, even if it's not what's popular right now. Why not make it the next big thing? The recipe is simple, mix some raw talent with ruthless drive and determination to get something that no one has ever heard before. The DMAs are an appropriate time of year to reflect on the local music scene and to explore who and what is going to make a major impact on the sounds of the city. So, we wanted to tell you about an up and coming Detroit artist that has already made a mark for herself by being nominated for one at this Friday's event, her name is Josie Pace.

Josie Pace is a Michigan born musical prodigy that cut her chops playing coffee shops before she decided that she wanted to take things a little darker. She is one of those artists that doesn't just write songs, she presents concepts and ideas using music, lyrics, and visuals that entice all your senses to bring you inside her world while you are listening or watching. Her voice is perfection, her style and presentation are dark and seductive and her collection of music videos is worthy of a good binge. You can check out her entire collection of music and videos by visiting her website here. We personally love the song "Battleground". We dig Josie's NIN meets Lady Gaga kind of vibe and can appreciate a strong sexy woman who isn't afraid to claim her talent and her space within this world. We can see why she was nominated for the Outstanding Alt/Indie/Punk Artist or Group at this year's awards ceremony. She has the talent and knows how to use it. She will be opening for Stabbing Westword at The Machine Shop in Flint on July 12th if you want to see her play live and in person, and you can follow her on Instagram or YouTube to stay in the loop. If she wasn't on your radar before she is now and you need to start paying attention.

The DMAs will take place at The Fillmore this Friday, April 26th. You can buy your tickets to attend the awards ceremony in person here. If you're lucky you might just see Josie and some of Detroit's other up and coming talents at the show!


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