Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Find Something Special for The Holidays at Lost & Found Vintage

Do you like to get dressed up for the holidays? I am super Italian so I love getting all dolled up for all of the family parties that I attend throughout the season. I used to be the kind of person that had to buy a new dress for every event, but last year, when I went vegan, my approach to everything changed. I realized how much waste I was creating and started to curb my appetite to buy things. I started to find ways to only shop local and stopped buying things that I knew I would only wear one time. I began to look for "staple" items that I would be able to mix and match and wear more than once and I spent a little more money on those items so that I knew that they would last. I am simply sick of filling up bags of clothing to drop off to Good Will that still has tags on it. I was creating more waste then I needed to and hurting my bottom line

My new approach to shopping has paid off. I have found more things that I love over the last year than ever before and I have found new ways to mix and match my wardrobe to accommodate my looks. I also realized how great it can be to move your closet around. By getting rid of all the stuff I wasn't wearing, I was able to start wearing all the beautiful things that I couldn't see or get to anymore. I also rekindled my love for vintage and resale shopping. The second hand retail market has become a great place to find things that you can't find anywhere else.

After months of looking for "good dresses" for this winter, I stopped into Lost and Found Vintage and was blown away by their selection. They had so many great dresses in my size that were affordable. Plus, all of the dresses were properly labeled with brand names and eras, so you knew exactly what you were getting. Second hand shopping is also a cool way to get things that you wouldn't want to buy new, but might still want to experience. I try to stay away from buying leather, but if you need to get your fix, you can get a perfectly good bag that is already broken in for you. They also had a large selection of plus size clothing and a nice variety of jewelry and accessories. I even picked up a 1980's cape dress that I plan to wear all over town this holiday season! It was not only exactly what I was looking for, but it fit perfectly and I didn't have to create anymore waste! So, instead of buying more shit you don't need, consider buying someone else's shit that they didn't need anymore and rocking it this holiday season. It's fun to shop with a purpose when you are able to do so! 


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