Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Detroit Celebrates Female Film Makers at The Detroit SheTown Film Festival this Weekend

Traditionally, women have appeared in films, but they have had very little to do with the behind the scenes work. In fact, a 2012 study showed that women only accounted for 18% of all directors, executive producers, producers, writers, cinematographers, and editors in the film industry. This was only a 1% increase from the previous poll conducted in 1998. Women have been underrepresented in these areas, which means that a lot of their stories have gone untold. Something that a new Detroit female-centric film festival called Detroit SheTown is hoping to change.

This first year festival was created to highlight the work of females in film. All of the short films that will be featured during the three day event were created, written, directed, and produced by up and coming female filmmakers. The creators of the festival received hundreds of submissions, so they were able to put together three solid days of good films that everyone will enjoy. The weekend will include panels where attendees will get to talk with the film makers and mixers where like minded film fanatics will get to hang out and network before and after the events.

Tickets to attend the festival are $10 a day or $20 for an entire weekend pass. You can find the entire weekend lineup here. All of the screenings will take place at Cinema Detroit located at 4126 3rd St, Detroit, MI 48201. The weekend will feature a concession stand with local drinks and treats, but there will be no alcohol served at the event. They will also have FREE gated parking next to the event. There is also a kick off mixer that will take place at the Detroit Shipping Company on Thursday night from 7-11 p.m.!  If you are interested in hearing some new stories, head up to the SheTown film festival this weekend!


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