Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Brightly Twisted and Their Dye Classes are Moving to Detroit Permanently

A few months ago we were invited to the Brightly Twisted warehouse, formerly located in Livonia, to attend a Dye House Class. We weren't really sure what a Dye House Class would entail, but we were pleasantly surprised to find out that it was fun, educational, and somehow easier and more difficult than we imagined. 

During the two hour event, we learned how to create three of the brand's signature dying techniques and then we got the chance to try those techniques on an item of our choice. We also got to dye the reusable bag that we would eventually take our new piece home in. We found out that their is a very precise art to rolling the fabric, tying the rubber banding, and squirting the dyes. Plus, some of the techniques that they use require you to let the pieces sit in dye overnight. It takes A LOT more effort to create one of these pieces then we could have ever imagined, which gave us a whole new appreciation for the art of their craft. It was also really fun to hang out, have a drink, and create something with a friend. We couldn't recommend trying a class more, but we know a lot of our readers were reluctant to make the drive. Fortunately for all of us, the dye house made a bold move this summer when they decided to relocate their entire operation to Corktown.

Their soon to open retail space will be the central location for the creation and sale of their pieces. In fact, eventually you will be able to watch their artists create while you shop and try on their wearable art. They have not announced an official opening day for the space, but they have started selling tickets for their new Detroit Dye classes. These classes will take place at different times throughout the week to cater to everyone's schedule. You can view the full list and purchase a ticket here.

You can also follow the brand on Instagram here to make sure that you stay in the loop as they roll out their new space. They have given us some insight on what they will be doing off the record and were very excited to see this Michigan brand become a Detroit brand, they will no doubt be a positive part of their new community!


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