Thursday, September 13, 2018

Imperial Unveils New Permanent Vegan Menu

Yesterday, Imperial announced that they were expanding their menu to include some new vegan sections. The almost 6 year old Ferndale staple used to serve up one of the best seasoned seitan tacos in town until they disappeared from the menu. Instead, the space began serving up monthly vegan specials that centered around plant based substitutes, like chick peas and cauliflower. The monthly specials made visiting the space special because you never knew what you were going to get, but it left me dreaming of the days when I could get the perfectly seasoned seitan staple. Fortunately, after yesterday's announcement, I made my way to Imperial for lunch to find out that the seitan taco is not only back, but Executive Chef Kelsey Collins has made sure that it is better than ever.

Imperial released three new permanent vegan items yesterday. The first was a seitan taco that features pickled radish, vegan lime cream, onions, and cilantro. They followed that up with a vegan chorizo taco that is stuffed with corn relish and cilantro. They rounded out the new menu with a vegan elote that features sweet corn covered in vegan choula aioli, almonds, and chili's. The edition of these three items also means that you can now order vegan chino sonorans and vegan frijoles with chorizo the next time you visit.

We are pleased to report that all the new items live up to the Imperial promise of good LA style tacos. We LOVED the seitan taco and were happy to find that it was seasoned even better than before. The elote on the other hand, is one of the best items we have ever had. The thick coating on the corn was one of the most delicious textures and tastes that we have ever experienced, which means plant based or not, this item is worth a try the next time you visit. We ordered one of each new item and a side of chips and guac and only spent around $15, which means that you can eat well without breaking the bank. We highly recommend the new Imperial vegan menu and can't wait to get back and try that plant based elote again! 


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