Monday, July 30, 2018

Now You Can Have Your Meat Free Coney and Eat it Too

Have you heard the whispers? They started around a year ago and have gotten louder as time has went on. Everyone kept saying there was a vegan Coney Island coming to the city, but no one could tell us who, what, when, or where. We thought it might be too good to be true, but it's not. We can officially confirm that there is a new vegan Coney Island in Brush Park called Chili Mustard Onions and it's officially opening to the public this Wednesday, August 1st. So naturally, the next questions is, is it good?

Of course it's really good! But, that's not what makes it magical. Coney Island is a Detroit staple.  When visitors come into town, we take them to a Coney to get a real taste of what the Motor City has to offer. Having a Coney Dog and chili cheese fries is as Detroit as Motown is. So being good wasn't going to be good enough. Chili Mustard Onions has to be great to even make Detroit flinch. And great is what they are.

We attended a private opening event last Saturday and treated ourselves to a tour of their menu. First, we ordered chili cheese fries as an appetizer. We followed that up with a gyro, a "Big Mock", and a Coney Dog. We split all four items in-between the two of us and topped off our meal with two different glasses of vegan wine. We were really blown away by the food. The Big Mock is their version of a Big Mac and believe us when we tell you that it tastes like a Big Mac in every way possible. The gyro has the perfect sauce on top and the hot dog tastes exactly like a hot dog. So much so, that I was a little disappointed because I never really liked hot dogs. There was only one thing missing from CMO's food, the grease. They nailed every aspect of the Coney Island experience except for that nasty feeling you get after you eat it because every ounce of your insides is covered in grease. That is what makes a plant based Coney option so magical. You can eat your heart out and still function after you're done. 
Chili Mustard Onions is a turning point for Detroit's restaurant culture. It is the first of its kind and it will redefine what plant based eating means. They will be serving their first lunch this Wednesday at 11 a.m. After that, they will be open Monday through Saturday. Make sure that you follow them here to keep up with everything that they do. We are looking forward to going back to try the chicken parm and the meatball sub as well as the pig skins, because everything looks so good. Welcome to Detroit! 


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