Monday, July 2, 2018

Shape Up Your Summer Style at Saffron

Have you ever bought a cool summer dress from Target and worn it to a picnic only to discover that you are not the only babe in town that spotted the deal? Shopping at chain stores has it's benefits, but unless you're buying some basic wardrobe staples, you can expect to see other people wearing it. This is the problem with mass produced fast fashion. It takes the fun out of finding the perfect piece and takes the money out of your town and in some cases out of the country. On the other hand, shopping local usually means getting your hands on something special that was hand picked by the owner. Something you might not be able to get anywhere else in the area.

Saffron in Royal Oak is the perfect example of a small local shop that is doing it right. The finely curated store is owned by Marianne Petrus, a hip stylish lady who knows how to spot the latest trends before they hit the big box retailers. She is also someone that knows the value of finding a few staple pieces that you can use to get through the season. So, we stopped in to see what kind of super summer style we could find inside the shop. Pastels, prints, and flowing dresses are all the rage and Saffron has an eclectic mix of items to cater to different versions of these trendy items. They also have the nicest summer bralettes that we have ever seen. Check out the photos from our visit and head there to update you summer wardrobe.


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