Friday, July 13, 2018

Armageddon Beach Party Stakes their Claim on Detroit

Detroit is a mecca for arts, music, and culture. The once underground art scene of the city has been thrust into the spotlight with the addition of spaces like like Red Bull House of Art, the Library Street Collective, and the Tangent Gallery. These institutions have helped cultivate a new era where a hard working artist can create a name for themselves and actually realize the dream of dumping their 9 to 5 career to become a full time creator. Something that two local artists Elena and Aubrey Smyth have been doing for the last half of a decade.
This married duo creates one of a kind art together. Then, they turn that art into pop pieces that can be purchased by the masses. Put it this way, they are Andy Warhol's counter culture dream couple. Together they have created beautiful iconic pieces that have gotten them noticed by some pretty big names in the business. This lead to residencies all over the US where they did everything from live painting at some of the world's biggest music festivals to creating custom one of a kind pieces for one of the worlds current top selling groups, The Zac Brown Band.

But, that wasn't enough for them. After traveling all over the place and supporting themselves with their art for the last five years, they decided to come back to Detroit to set up some roots in the city that their families have always called home. They came back to Detroit to open up a brick and mortar space right in the heart of the city. A place where people could come together to celebrate community, a place where they could create, and a place where you you can step inside an Armageddon Beach Party and truly experience what is going on inside their psychedelic head space. But, like most things worth doing, there were a lot of speed bumps along the way, speed bumps that delayed the opening for almost two full years. Luckily, after getting a preview of the space, I can assure you that it was well worth the wait!

When you walk into the gallery, you are immediately transported inside an entirely different world that Elena and Aubrey have created. Every detail of the a space has been addressed and everything is there for a reason. There are vintage items, paintings, prints, and tons of cool things to look at. And the longer you look around, the more you see. There is a stage for music to be played on, a couch for conversations to take place, and eventually there will be an outdoor patio for people to kick back and have a cup or coffee or tea from the soon to be space opening next door. It is a place where the local music and artistic community can gather to create, as well as a place for Aubrey and Elena to take their art to the next level.

We have no doubt that the space will become one of the go to spots to see music and connect with the culture of the city. So, we encourage you to stop by this weekend during their three day grand opening event to see the magic for yourselves. Each day they will have a DJ in house as well as a variety of musical acts throughout the day, including Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor, Sheefy McFly and The Imaginatron. Amanda Knox will also be hosting a screening of her new show, The Scarlet Letter Reports. Vegan food truck Nosh Pit will also be serving up some food and their will be drinks available for a small donation to the gallery. Kids are welcome and the space will be open 7 p.m. until midnight this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. After that they will keep normal business hours Tuesday through Saturday. Make sure you are following them here to stay up to date on everything that they are doing. These two people are creative, talented, smart and full of life. They are exactly what the city needs and we cannot wait to see what they do!


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  1. such a great space - will come by next time I am in town. I am a long time good friend of Elaine and Bryce, and fondly remember Laura growing up. Buena suerte with the Armageddon Beach Party.