Thursday, June 28, 2018

saajtak Releases their "Hectic" EP at El Club Thursday Night

This Thursday night, saajtak will be taking over El Club for their Hectic EP Release Show! This is the second release for the band, with their debut EP Spokes dropping last year. For those that aren't familiar with this band, saajtak is a Detroit based avant-rock band featuring Alex Koi on vocals, Simon Alexander-Adams on keys, Jonathan Taylor on drums, and Ben Willis on bass. They have a very unique sound, with elements of jazz, electronic music, and rock, paired with Alex's female vocals that are at times operatic. Give saajtak a listen for yourself below.

If you would like to see saajtak perform live, don't miss their release show where they will be joined by Onyx Ashanti, River Spirit, DJ Greg Baise, and Video7's Sad Mandala. Cover for this show is only $10 the day of the show. You can purchase tickets in advance here. The new Hectic EP is only being released digitally, but at the release show, the band will have a limited run of art booklets to accompany your download.

We wanted to get to know saajtak and find out more about their new EP and the release show, so we caught up with them before the show. Check out what they had to say, then head to El Club Thursday night!

HID - In one sentence, how would you describe saajtak to someone that has never heard you before?saajtak - "We’re one big sonic jigsaw puzzle of our various influences: electronic music, free-jazz, trip-hop, punk rock, contemporary classical, and so on and so forth."

HID - How did you come up with the band's name?saajtak - "The name had no particular meaning when we came up with it—saajtak was a sound that resonated with us. As we continue to develop as a band the name becomes a vessel for the meaning created by our music."

HID - Your music is very complex and has a unique style. Who writes most of your songs? Or is it a group effort?
saajtak - "While we each craft our own individual parts, our writing process is very much collaborative. Our rehearsals involve a lot of free improvisation that we use to generate new ideas. We take our favorite ideas, improvise some more, and through copious discussion and trial and error, mold them into complete songs."

HID - So, tell us about the new EP! Where did you record it? What can listeners expect?saajtak - "Hectic EP features two new songs, “Hectic,” and “If You Ask” that explore some of our favorite territories: dense textures, insistent grooves, haunting ambience, and catchy melodies. We recorded it with Adam Cox (of great Detroit bands Wasabi Dream and The Octopus), who we worked with for last year’s Spokes EP. We’re very excited to release these songs alongside a limited-run booklet featuring artwork from Simon and Ben. We hope the listener can use this as a companion to the songs and experience the music with their eyes as well as their ears."

HID - You guys just got back from your "Hectic" tour. How was it? What was your favorite show along the way?
saajtak - "We had a great little east coast swing, playing with friends old and new in DC, Richmond, Baltimore, Brooklyn, and Providence. We had an amazing time in particular at Secret Project Robot in Brooklyn, where we were joined by guitar virtuoso Brandon Seabrook and the incredible electroacoustic beat driven duo Peptalk. Outside of Detroit, New York is probably where we have the the heaviest concentration of friends, so it felt like a big group hug playing there. The energy of the crowd was truly incredible."

HID - Why should everyone come out to your release show Thursday night?saajtak - "Well for one, we’re only printing 100 copies of the booklet, so this may be one of your only chances to get a copy. More importantly, though, we’re being joined by some of our favorite and most impactful artists in Detroit: River Spirit is one of the best most original bands on the scene, Sad Mandala is the songwriting and production project of LEXI from monolithic collective Video7—he’s joined by other members of the collective to craft distinct futuristic worlds. Lastly, Onyx Ashanti is simply mind blowing. We’ll be joined on our set by multi-reedist Marcus Elliot, marking the first time we augment our sound with a 5th instrumentalist. We can’t wait to see what he brings to the table. "

HID - Is there anything else that you would like our readers to know?saajtak - "We’ve got big plans for the fall and beyond, including more touring and new releases, so follow us at, Facebook and instagram."


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