Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Planthropie is the Perfect Way to Introduce Your Friends and Family to Plant Based Life

When you decide to go plant based or vegan, as it was traditionally called, everyone always asks you the same three questions. How do you do it, is it hard, and don't you miss cheese? Personally, I have had a pretty easy time transitioning my diet, it wasn't very hard, and no I don't really miss cheese because I eat cheese all of the time. It's not the traditional cheese that you are used to and it's not the shitty Daiya cheese that so many places serve up. It's really good cheese made out of things like cashews and almonds that melts just like the traditional dairy that you are used to. My current super market favorite is Cross Your Heart Cheese and my new gourmet favorite is made by a new catering company called Planthropie launching right here in Detroit.
Planthropie is a new plant based catering company that specializes in gorgeous gourmet spreads and raw desserts that will blow your mind. The company was started by Rua Oshana and its mission is to, "raise awareness on conscious wholesome plant-based living and its health impact through community outreach and strategic partnerships". The entrepreneurs goal is to create food so good to look at and eat that you forget that it's plant based, and based on our experience with her food, we would say that she hit the nail on the head. This is the kind of catering company that you could hire for a party and forget to tell your guest that they weren't really eating meat and cheese.

To get the good word out about her amazing plant based food, Rua invited around 40 local ladies with a following to come down to Femology, a shared work space in the heart of Downtown, to enjoy a sampling of what her company will offer, while connecting with other like minded strong females. We had the opportunity to connect with Megan, the owner of Femology, Kellie, the creator of Plant Based Detroit, and to hang out with one of our favorite cruelty free babes, makeup artist and eyebrow wizard Jess Haze, while enjoying the bast damn cheese and appetizers that this chubby little vegan ever ate.
I took a few photos of the meal to share with you, but once I read Plant Based Detroit's review I figured I'd just tell you to go over there for the food run down and review (and better photos) because she did a great job recapping every bite. Click Here to check out her story and her blog!

From left to right: Jessica Haze MUA, Kellie Plant Based Detroit, Rua owner of Planthropie
and finally me, Sadie from HipinDetroit.com.

In the meantime, the next time you have an event that you need catered, call up Planthropie and do something good for yourself and your friends and loved ones. We promise that the catering is so good that you wont even realize that your eating healthy and animal free!


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