Friday, June 29, 2018

NEW MUSIC from Rogue Satellites (Hip Exclusive)

The hip duo the Rogue Satellites are gearing up to release their third album. It's been around four years since they out out some new tunes so it's exciting that the time has finally come. Their new album is going to be called Black Wings and it will officially be released on Friday, July 13th, but they let us have a track to preview to our readers before the big drop. The new track is called "Know You Well" and was our personal favorite when the duo sent over the album. The entire 11 track album has a hauntingly dark feel, but this track really spoke to our personal tastes and they were cool enough to let us preview it for all of you!

You can check out another track from their album here and pre-order the record here. You also need to mark your calendar for their album release party on August 4th at a new bar called Deluxx Fluxx downtown on Library Street. Sisters Of Your Sunshine Vapor and Minihorse will be opening the show. We also had a chance to chat with the duo, so make sure you click play and give our interview a read! 

HID-Where did you record your new album "Black Wings"?
Jaye Thomas- "Black Wings was recorded at Space Camp Studios, mostly. But, Eric, who recorded and mixed the album, had to leave to tour with his band in Europe, so Lisa and I finished tracking the album at the House of Satellites."

HID-Whats your favorite track off the new album and why?
Jaye Thomas- "It's always changing but currently, it's "We are Apparitions". I like the strange, drawn-out intro and Lisa's Beatles-flavored bass riff. Lyrically, it's representative of an understated theme on the album: Not taking anymore shit from people who treat us badly. That idea resonates with me right now."

Lisa Poszywak- "They're all our babies, so it's hard to choose a favorite. I think each song represents something different for me. But right now, I'm enjoying "Cancel Our Lives". It's super fun to sing because it was a departure for me. I get to try to be a little more aggressive than normal- but in a fun, pop way."

HID- Where did your band name come from?
Jaye Thomas- "The name was conjured as a metaphor for hipsters. I saw us as a bunch of hip, rebel communicators on parade: floating around like satellites."

HID- Do you write together or do you write alone and bring your ideas to each other?
Lisa Poszywak- "Most of time, Jaye writes and brings the ideas to me. We work on them together after that point. Mostly, I try to edit out the bad ones. Although, I do contribute my own writing on occasion."

HID- When and where will the album release show be?
Lisa Poszywak- "The album release party will be at Deluxx Fluxx, on August 4th. We'll be joined by our friends, Sisters of your Sunshine Vapor and Minihorse. Deluxx Fluxx is a new venue in town and we're super excited to play there."

HID- Do you plan to tour after the release?
Jaye Thomas- "We're planning a short Midwestern run, scheduled between the record release and the release party. We'll be hitting up Dayton, Columbus, Fort Wayne, Chicago, and Grand Rapids...possibly a couple more cities."

HID- What are you listening to right now?
Jaye Thomas- "I've been listening to God Break Down the Door a lot, I think it's the freshest and most inspired output from NIN in awhile."

Lisa Poszywak- "Mostly just our album."

HID- Is there anything else you would like us to know?
Jaye Thomas- "I think it's noteworthy that the record is actually dropping on Friday the 13th, lucky you."


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