Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Win Tickets to Say Goodbye to The Dillinger Escape Plan

Over the last 20 years The Dillinger Escape Plan has released 6 studio albums and toured the world. They have been able to find a way to make a living off music, in other words they have been living the dream. But, all good things must come to an end, and at the end of this tour The Dillinger Escape Plan will be throwing in the towel.

The band recently recorded and released their 6th album Dissociation before announcing that this will in fact be their last tour. It is sad to see such a great band throwing in the towel, but it's awesome that we get one more chance to go nuts at a Dillinger show before they bow out of the game. They will be performing at The Crofoot Ballroom in Pontiac one last time this Monday, October 17th. This may very well be the last time that you can ever catch the band playing together live, so it's important to make it to this one if you are a fan of the band.

We reached out to Dillinger to ask them a few questions about the end, the future and the new album. Dillinger Guitarist Ben Weinman took some time to chat with us before the show, check out what he has to say and find out how to enter to win tickets to the show! 

HID- Where did you record your 6th and final album "Dissociation"?
Ben Weinman- "The process this time was completely different for us. We did the drums in one studio in NY, the guitars and bass in the The Party Smasher inc. studio in NJ (that my other guitar player and I run), and the vocals in LA. The album was mixed in Boston."

HID- What’s your favorite track off the new album and why?
Ben Weinman- "That's like asking someone to tell you who their favorite kids are. I will say that "Limerent Death", the first song on the album, is one of my favorite songs to play live. It makes me want to explode. I feel it with every pore in my body."

HID- When you started DEP did you ever think it would last 20 years?
Ben Weinman- "No way. I didn't think it would last more than a year or two. I had already given up on music as a career at that point. I played every weekend to express my inner anxiety and frustration. Then I went back to work and school every Monday like a normal person. One day, the demand was just there and somehow it evolved into my entire life for 20 years."

HID- What will you miss most about touring? What will you not miss about it?
Ben Weinman- "I will miss seeing friends that I have made from all around the world. I will miss waking up in a different city every night. I will miss the feeling, that I get when on stage, that nothing else exists. No problems. No injuries. But most of all, I will miss missing home. How many people know what it's like to actually miss your home. Actually appreciate where you live. The simple things. Driving yourself to the store. Having lunch with your parents. Playing with my dogs and sleeping in my own bed. But I also look forward to being able to forge relationships and new projects at home that would otherwise be impossible to take advantage of as a touring musician. Being on the road can be lonely because after a while you realize that life keeps moving while you stand still. It's hard to believe I'm 20 years older than when I started this because I have literally been doing the same thing almost every day for 20 years."

HID- When you think back over the last 20 years, do you have a favorite place to play, a favorite festival?
Ben Weinman- "I really love playing in NY. Of course it's my home town, but it's also the most open minded and diversified city in the world. There is something for everyone in NY and it's nice to come through and be there with the rest of the weirdos."

HID- What advice do you have for someone who wants to get into the music business today, any knowledge you would like to pass on?
Ben Weinman- "I would advise everyone who wants a career, and not just a job, to create something that they believe in. Something they feel needs to exist. Even if it's for selfish reasons. When you believe in what you do, others will believe what you do is worthwhile. They will trust you are doing things for the right reasons and will follow you despite the trends. This is not something you can fake. There is a lot of noise out there and a lot of distractions. It's a sea of sharks out there and the phonies can't survive long."

HID- Any great memories in Detroit that you would be willing to share with us?
Ben Weinman- "Lots. I loved playing Saint Andrew's church and our old guitar player Jeff Tuttle is from, and still lives, in Detroit. That city has soul. One night that stands out to me is the night I hung out with a semi drunk homeless man for about 6 hours and just talked about life. Surprisingly he had a cell phone. At one point he smashed it on the floor. He just didn't care. It was kind of philosophical. Or maybe it was the crack."

HID-You have said never reunion, do you really mean never?
Ben Weinman- "Never say never. But no plans on it."

HID- Where do you want to be in five years?
Ben Weinman- "I want to be centered and happy. That's really it. I'm sure that will involve a lot of projects."

We think happiness is a great goal and we wish the band well on their journey. If you want to see them play one more time please email your full name to with the subject line #theend. We will draw one lucky winner on Saturday and they will get to attend the show for free. 


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