Sunday, October 23, 2016

Covenfest II

This Friday, October 28th Small's will be celebrating Halloween by welcoming the second annual Covenfest to its stage. This annual event features a mix of cool cover bands and fun performances to raise money for one of our all time favorite local charities, Turning Point. This year's lineup includes Kommander as Twins of Evil: Rob Zombie vs. Marilyn Manson, Nique Love Rhodes and The NLR Experience as Missy Elliott, The Scrappers as The Flying Burrito Brothers, The Queens of Noise a Joan Jett/Runaways cover band and the students from the School of Rock as The Ramones.

Tickets to get into the show are $10 with 100% of the cover going to charity. There will be a silent auction featuring a variety of amazing items that were donated from local businesses and a one of a kind pin that you can purchase for an additional $10 below.
This is a really fun way to celebrate Halloween and a great way to hep raise money for an amazing organization that needs every dollar they can get!


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