Thursday, October 6, 2016

Tonight! Support the Girls in the Scene at The Doll Pile!

Tonight there's an awesome event happening at St. Cece's in Detroit that you won't want to miss! No Good Girls Allowed, a group of some of the most powerful and kick ass girls in the Detroit scene, are coming together for the second annual Doll Pile. This event will feature music, vendors, and lots of booze, we're sure.

The lineup for the evening includes performances by Jennica Wahl, Terra Cotta, Alison LewisCarmel Liburdi and Cindy Warren. Then there will be a ton of vendors selling everything from jewelry to art to pittie pillows! The list of vendors that will be setting up shop includes Lisa Anne Kendall, Louisa Spina, Angie Castelli, MaryLaura Mau, Andrea Bonaventura, Aimee M. Chorkey, Linda Boyd, Broke Brew, Rena Hopkins, Beth Amber, Shawn Michelle Scott, Kate Hardy, The Horse's Banana, Rebecca Wolowiec, Cindy Warren and Julie Fournier-Sorensen. To get a sneak peek of the goods they'll be slinging click here.

The best part of this whole event is that admission is free! So you don't have an excuse to miss it! Plus, that means you'll have extra money for drinks or to pick up something special for yourself from one of the vendors. After all, you've been working your ass off. You deserve it. And keep in mind, even though this event is being put on by the girls, guys are allowed too! So come out and show your support for the women who come to your shows all year long.

For more info on Doll Pile 2016, click here. St. Cece's is located at 1426 Bagley in Detroit.


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