Friday, August 12, 2016

Experience a Live Photoshoot From Behind the Lens

We've all seen beautiful shots of models wearing clothes on the cover of magazines, but we rarely think about all of the work behind creating that picture. Every aspect of that model's appearance has been sculpted. Their hair and makeup was done and the clothes that they are wearing were fitted to their bodies. The end result is always something appealing, but the process behind getting that picture is equally as appealing.

InkAddict has teamed up with District One Detroit to bring you a live behind the scenes look at a clothing photo shoot. They have teamed up with a collection of some of Detroit's biggest movers and shakers to team up for charity and  a once in a lifetime experience.

They will open up the doors of the InkAddict Flagship store this Saturday to let you get a behind the scenes look at a live photo shoot. Jason Hall from Slow Roll, Marty Sheedy from Project Scissor Gait, Amy "ACRONYM" Cooper and Dontae "Mr. Heatcam" Rockymore will be in house for the event and Atwater Brewery will be serving up some drinks. They are charging $10 to get in and drinks are FREE with admission for 21 and over.

We love the idea of hosting a live photo shoot so we reached out To District 1 Detroit to get some details about the event. Check out with they had to say and stop by the InkAddict Flagship at 8 p.m. this Saturday to see it all live and in person.

HID- What is PhotoFashion?
D1D- "PhotoFashion is an event where people get the opportunity to catch a behind the scenes photoshoot and how a brand is formulated. It's basically an excuse to have party. ;)"

HID- What will Jason Hall, Marty Sheedy, Dontae "Mr. Heatcam" Rockymore, Amy "ACRONYM" Cooper and drag race producer PAYSO each be doing at the event?
D1D- "One of our main goals is to showcase the best of what Detroit has to offer so it was a no brainier to reach out to these guys and see what their thoughts were as far as our style. We received an overwhelming response and all have agreed to not only model District 1 Detroit, but help promote the event as we want to make an impact for Detroit Dog Rescue. Eric Vincent from Ch. 955 is going to MC the event as well!"

HID- Is the beer really FREE?
D1D- "It is! Atwater brewery was kind enough to sponsor some of their most popular brews. All we ask for is a $10 donation at the door to help DDR."

HID- Why did you decide to donate part of the proceeds to The Detroit Dog Rescue?
D1D- "The greatest untold story about Detroit are the organizations that are putting in work and not looking for the glory. Being dog lovers and lovers of Detroit we enthusiastically wanted to help the ONLY NO KILL SHELTER in Detroit; plus DDR does an event in Birmingham called Doggie Couture so why not include them in PhotoFashion."

HID- Is there anything else you want us to know about the event?
D1D- "If you like what you see you will love District 1 Detroit’s PhotoFashion. Awesome people doing amazing things and a huge shout out to InkAddict for opening their home to us. The amount of support has been humbling and adds fuel to our drive. We may have a few more announcements, but you will have to stay tuned."


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