Friday, July 29, 2016

Album Review - Euphoria "Operation:Genesis"

From time to time we get asked to do album reviews. Actually it happens quite often. Although Sadie and I are both music lovers, we're not musicians. For that reason, I personally am not a fan or writing reviews. We don't break down riffs or drum beats or try to talk about things that we don't know much about. Instead, we tell you what we think of an album as a fan giving it a listen.

This June Euphoria released their debut album Operation: Genesis. Since I followed other projects by some of the guys in this band, I was anxious to give it a listen. Let me start by saying this album is METAL AS FUCK! And that is meant as the highest compliment I could give a metal band. These guys didn't hold anything back for their first release, they're setting the bar high right away with this album and showing fans everything they've got. The band includes Justin Kelter on Vocals, Bubba Colonna on Lead Guitar, Eric Lemmon on Rhythm Guitar, George Ford on Bass and Louie Badalament on Drums.To say that these guys have skills would be putting it very mildly.

Euphoria classifies themselves as a progressive thrash/death metal band. They created this band right around the beginning of the year and began writing music, releasing their first album within the six months of starting up. Operation: Genesis was recorded at Mount Doom Studios in Warren, Michigan, the same studio that many of your favorite Detroit metal bands like Golden Torso and Temple of Void have recorded at. According to drummer Louie Badalament, the album tells the story of "a superior race of beings from another dimension, creating Earth as an experiment to see if they could create a new race that surpasses their own. They failed with the dinosaurs, then took interest in primates. They altered the DNA of the primates and created human beings. After watching humanity go from progression to regression they decided to just end it all. In order to wipe out all life on earth they heated the earths core to implode the earth and the solar system surrounding us." The concept was created by the band's front man Kelter, with the rest of the band lending a hand in writing the music.

If you're a fan of metal then you definitely want to give this album a listen right away! Then, head over to the band's bandcamp to download it for $7. Hard copies of Operation: Genesis are also available on CD at Euphoria shows.

Euphoria will be heading out on the road at the beginning of August on a short tour, with stops in across the Midwest. After their tour, they will be hitting the stage in Hamtramck on Friday, August 26th. That night they're headlining at the New Dodge Lounge and re-releasing Operation: Genesis on cassette. The band will also be playing the album in full that night. So if you dig what you've heard, you will not want to miss this show! For more info on the show, click here. Make sure you also head over and give Euphoria a "like" on Facebook for updates on shows and what's next for this band.


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