Thursday, May 21, 2015

Dinosauria at The Detroit Zoo

This Friday, May 22nd Dinosaurs will begin to take over the Detroit Zoo! The Detroit Zoo will be re-opening their Dinosauria exhibit for the summer. This exhibit features 45 lifelike animatronic creatures that are so authentic looking that your kids will be confused. I almost jumped the first time I heard T-Rex roar! This is one of my favorite displays that they feature at the zoo and I enjoy going back every time that it is there. it has only gotten better throughout the years. The exhibit also features real dinosaur fossils that you can examine up close, this includes teeth, claws, and skulls!

The exhibit will run from Friday, May 22nd through September 7th. This exhibit only cost an extra $5 with zoo admission. It has been 65 million years since dinosaurs walked the earth, but if you go to the zoo this summer it will feel like dinosaurs still exist! To find out more about the Detroit Zoo visit their website here.


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