Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Win Tickets to See The Gods of Metal: Slayer

Usually when you think of Slayer you thinking of Reign in Blood, but here at we are reign-ing free tickets instead. That's right kids, we have two sets of tickets to see one of the best metal bands in history! You can witness the wall of sound that is Slayer in person on Friday, December 5th at The Fillmore. I'm sure that the stage will be stacked with amps and that your ear drums will be ringing the next day, in other words its going to be really awesome.

Slayer will be playing alongside Suicidal Tendencies and Exodus, which is a solid line-up of awesome if you ask me. Tickets for the show range from $55-$75 and are available for purchase here. You can also email your full name to if you would like to enter to win one of the sets that we are giving away. Remember to put Slayer in the subject line so we know what contest you're entering. We're also giving away Flogging Molly tickets, so if you were actually entering for Slayer and you win those, you might not be so happy.

The Fillmore is located at 2115 Woodward Ave. in Detroit. Slayer is on the verge of releasing some new music, I bet that they will be playing a lot of it at the show. Be the first to see the best!


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