Friday, November 21, 2014

Brightly Twisted

It's officially cold in Michigan and there is nothing more comforting than throwing on your favorite scarf before you walk out into the brisk air. I have built up quite a collection of scarves over the years and there are two things that go into the decision to buy a scarf. The first is the feel of it, the scarf has to be soft. The second is the color, it has to be something that will make my outfit pop. I love to wear a bright red scarf or a bold hounds-tooth print with a simple outfit, it's a fun way to wear color during the fall and winter. I usually wear a different scarf every day of the week, but that changed recently when I got a one of a kind scarf from Brightly Twisted. I was fortunate enough to receive one of Brightly Twisted's signature one of a kind Pashmina scarves as a gift and I cannot leave home without it!

Brightly Twisted is a Michigan based company that was created by husband and wife duo Greg Stemas and Tammy Bourque. They started off modestly and spent there summers selling items that they hand dyed at local art shows, but what they did was so different and so beautiful that it soon took on a life of its own. Both teachers left their positions and officially started Brightly Twisted in 2006. 

The company gets all of its materials in the United States and every item that they sell is made by hand in their studio in Livonia.
The warehouse has a dying area, a drying area, an office area and a store front where you can go in and purchase one of a kind items straight from the people that make them. They are known for their scarves, they also create some of the most beautiful maxi skirts, pullovers, tunics, harem pants, headbands, dresses, and beachwear that we have ever seen. We were mesmerized by all of the racks of beautiful clothing as we walked through the space.

All of the blank materials (except for the scarves which you cannot purchase in the US at this time) are made right here in the United States. Every one is hand dyed in the shop and checked for imperfections before it is shipped out. Brightly Twisted products are sold by all sorts of retailers including Nordstrom, but small local boutiques are their bread and butter.
Buying something from Birghtly Twisted is more like buying a piece of art than just buying another piece of clothing or another scarf. The colors, the patterns, and the techniques that they use are unlike anything that we have ever seen before. Watching Greg and Tammy hand dye in person was amazing and beautiful. I left the studio with  a huge smile on my face, it was great to see a local company that was doing something so special.

We knew we liked their designs, but after meeting them and seeing what they do in person we have to say that we love this company.  They are local, family owned, creative based, and they give back to a lot of charities in the area including Crossroads Detroit, Mittens for Detroit, and Vista Maria.

Please take a second to check out our interview with Tammy Borque and visit the website. Everyone needs to have one of these scarves! They are beautiful, soft, one of a kind, and locally made.What else could you ask for?

~S & C

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