Thursday, November 13, 2014

So You Can Blow Up the Internet, Now What?

Yesterday Kim Kardashian broke the internet. The reality TV star posed for the cover of Paper magazine popping a bottle of champagne and inside she's almost totally nude exposing her best asset, her money maker if you will. I posted the picture on my Facebook and watched my feed blow up. Some people loved it some people hated it, some people simply posted silly jokes or comments. The cover of the magazine reads Kim K will break the internet, and she did, but I found myself asking one thing, so what?

A very pretty woman took some beautiful photos showcasing one of the most talked about bodies in show business for all of us to talk about and we talked about it, what a surprise. What was the point of all of it? I understand that there doesn't have to be meaning behind a stunt like this, but I know if I was going to bare my beautiful ass to everyone I would want it to be for the greater good, not just for my own ego, at least I hope not. It's interesting to see how people choose to use or not use their power.

 Last night I also found myself watching the second installment of Sonic Highways, the new HBO docu-series featuring the Foo Fighters recording their latest album (which came out Tuesday) in various studios across the U.S. The second episode was shot in DC and featured musical legends like The Bad Brains, Minor Threat, Chuck Berry, Pharrell and more. It showcased a group of kids who booked DIY shows, created Discord Records, and inspired a generation of amazing musicians. This documentary did not break the internet, but it inspired the hell out of me. Dave is using his power in such an interesting way. I can envision thousands of kids picking up old records, guitars and other instrument to learn about music because of this documentary. It's an interesting way to inspire a new generation to get up and do something meaningful. He uses the history of the art form to hopefully inspire the future of it. A future that is based on trial and error, on failing, on doing your own thing no matter how few likes it is going to get.

You are probably wondering how a Kim K's cover and the Foo Fighters documentary relate to each other. Well, they don't, but they both make an impact on the world around them in very interesting ways. Kim K might be able to break the internet, but what does that actually mean? Will she sell enough copies of Paper to save print magazines? Nope. Will magazine sales and publicity translate into more attention for her perfume and clothing lines? Maybe. I personally think that will just inspire another crop of people who think that likes on the internet are all that counts, people whose sole purpose is to blow up the internet no matter what it takes. Don't get me wrong, I write for a blog. I wish that something I posted blew up the internet. But, I want it to be for something of substance, not my perfect ass, I'll save that for and select group of people.

I do not mean to knock Miss Kardashian because there is nothing wrong with her cover or the inside shots, they are great. What is wrong is that these days that is what blows up the internet. I wish that something as inspiring as this Foo Fighters documentary was blowing it up. I hope that those that are watching it are showing it to their friends and getting inspired. I would love to see a whole new crop of people that do not validate themselves with likes, but instead seek to gain attention for what they do based on its merit.

The internet is an amazing place. We can all find a million headlines a day to click on, the more raunchy or scandalous the better. I personally love gossip, but I'm starting to think that maybe this shit is getting old. I'm ready for something of substance to blow up the internet. I’ve always thought that music could save the world, and I really think Dave Grohl is onto something here. Give the new docu-series a shot. Let's blow up the internet with a little substance for once!


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