Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Tastemade is Looking for Hip Detroiters to Launch their New App

The internet is bringing us closer and closer together everyday. These days all you have to do is press a button and you can be looking at and talking to a friend half way around the world for FREE. Technology is taking over and changing the way we view the world around us, new apps are making our lives a lot easier and more manageable than we ever dreamed possible.

Tastemade is an online food network that made a name for itself in just two years, it is currently known as the "premiere video network for foodies". They are taking it one step further and launching an app that will make each and every one of us the star of our own visual food review.  They will be coming to Detroit to launch the app and they want you to be part of the fun.

They will be holding an official launch party in Ferndale, Michigan at The W.A.B. on November 13th from 7- 9 pm, but the catch is you have to be invited to the party. To be invited to the party and to become one of their "Tastemakers" you  must download the app and submit a video review of someplace that you love. They will be choosing 40 people to represent Detroit in The Great Taste. These people will be be given funds to continue to review some of Detroit's best resturants. There's nothing better than a free meal at a place that you love. 

The app is super easy to use and really fun. It's a cool way to give your friends, family, and followers an inside view of the places that you love to frequent. The idea behind the app is to rave about the places that you love, not complain about the places you do not like. We love that the app has a positive spin to it.

To become a Detroit Tastemaker and be invited to the event you must create your first "appisode" and send it to tastemadedetroit@gmail.com. They ask that you do not create an appisode of  a restaurant that has already been done, so check the app for places in the Metro Detroit area that have already been covered. You can review a restaurant, a bar, a cafe, anywhere were people gather to eat and drink! Once you do that, they will take a look at your entry and get you signed up to be a Tastemaker! Videos are due by November 10th so get out there and record your first review today! Please feel free to email any questions about this to tastemadedetroit@gmail.com.


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