Friday, September 5, 2014

Win tickets to Joyce Manor with Loose Planes!

This Wednesday, September 10th Joyce Manor is playing the Magic Stick in Detroit with Loose Planes and The Exquisites. They are on tour for their latest album Never Hungover Again which was released this past July on Epitaph Records. This is the band's third release and it has been getting a lot of positive buzz from all of the major music outlets.

Black Iris Booking has given us two sets of tickets to give away with a copy of the new album, but before we give you details on how to win we have a quick interview for you to read. We had a chance to send a few questions to Kyle O'Neil. Kyle has been playing in bands for over 12 years and in case you aren't aware he's also part of a little project called Fireworks. His answers will crack you up and hopefully intrigue you enough to head out to the show and check out his new project Loose Planes.

HID- Describe your new band Loose Planes in three words?
Kyle O'Neil- "Hip in Detroit."

HID- Why did you name the band Loose Planes?
Kyle O'Neil- "Luke, our singer, just had the idea and we all thought it sounded good, so we just rolled with it."

HID- How is this project different from previous bands/projects?
Kyle O'Neil- "It's not different as far as being in the band goes. It obviously sounds different sonically, but for me it's just another outlet for creativity."

HID- Is it hard to start from scratch with a new project after having so much success with previous bands or is it exciting to be back at square one?
Kyle O'Neil- "It's definitely exciting and feels fresh and this one came together super quick, much quicker than we could of imagined. It's all been fun and not difficult at all."

HID- Where do you see Loose Planes in 3 years?
Kyle O'Neil- "Either Super famous or dead. Nothing in between."

HID- Why should someone come out to the Joyce Manor show early to catch your band opening up?
Kyle O'Neil- "Because they'll live a happier, healthier longer longer life if they do, we just rock that hard."

HID- You've been touring in bands for over 12 years, what advice would you have for someone just getting into the game?
Kyle O'Neil- "Enjoy it."

HID- Is there anything else that you want our readers to know?
Kyle O'Neil- "That depends on who your readers are, I'd like get to meet them first before I let them in on my secrets."

To win tickets to see this charming man in person please email your full name to We will draw a winner a few days before the show and email them with details on how to claim their prize. The show starts at 8 p.m. and tickets are $12 in advance and $14 at the door. The Magic Stick is located at 4100 Woodward Ave. in Detroit.


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