Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Get to Know Balance & Composure and Get Tickets to their Show!

Pennsylvania natives Balance & Composure are heading to town this weekend! The band will be hitting the stage at the Magic Stick along with Seahaven and Creepoid on Saturday, September 27th. This show is just one of the many stops the band is making while on a tour that spans from Cali to Philly, before heading back overseas this fall. We had a chance to chat with Balance and Composure Drummer Bailey Van Ellis before the guys play Detroit this weekend. Check out what he had to say below.
HID- How would you describe Balance and Composure to someone that has never heard your band before?
Bailey- "A very loud rock band."
HID- You guys tour a lot. What helps you survive life on the road?
Bailey- "Food spots that we only get to visit while on tour. Seeing friends we don't see often."
HID- Do you have a favorite city to play?
Bailey- "I like Canada a lot for some reason, so I'll go with Toronto."
HID- Tell us about the other bands you are currently touring with!
Bailey- "Creepoid is a band from Philly and they rock. They're really droney and melodic. Seahaven is a band from California that we've been friends with for some time now. They're great. Both have new records that came out sort of recently; I suggest checking them out."
HID- A few weeks ago you guys played at FYF Fest in LA, it seemed to have the best lineup of all of the fests this summer (mostly because The Blood Brothers were on it). How was it? In general do you like playing fests or regular shows better? I imagine it's pretty different.
Bailey- "It was great. We didn't really expect it to be as cool as it was for us. Built to Spill was great too. I personally enjoy playing festivals though. They feel like big barbecue hangouts to me."
HID-You're about to head over to Europe for a couple of weeks, then it looks like there isn't anything else on the schedule. What's next for Balance and Composure? Some time off? Working on a new album?
Bailey- "We'll be playing some shows this January and more in the Spring it looks like."
HID- So now that we got the serious stuff out of the way, let me ask you some "funner" questions.
You and the guys in the band have all known each other for a while now. You must have at least one crazy or embarrassing story from the high school years. Anything you can tell us without getting kicked out of the band?
Bailey- "I met Jon in a web page design in 11th grade. He was a year older than me and I thought he was the shit because he played in a local band that was pretty popular. I sat next to him in the class and would pull up pictures of him on google and show him. (Embarrassing)"
HID-You guys are from the Philadelphia area. Do you people out there actually eat Philly Cheesesteaks often?
Bailey- "We don't personally. 3 of us are vegetarians so Govindas is that good stuff."
HID- In your book, who are the top 3 drummers of all time?
Bailey- "I don't know about the "top 3" of all time but at this moment in time my current top 3 favorites are Stella from Warpaint, Rickie from mewithoutYou, and Sam from Interpol."
HID- Worst 3 drummers?
Bailey- "I don't think I can answer that, but I'm somewhere in there for sure."
HID- If you could tour with any band or musician, current or past, who would it be?
Bailey- "Radiohead, Nirvana, or QOTSA"
HID- What would be the ultimate for Balance and Composure?
Bailey- "Playing a show on the moon would be tight."
HID- Do you have any favorite places to visit while in Detroit?
Bailey- "I don't think we've really had the time to explore Detroit. The Magic Stick is cool though and the pizza there is pretty good."
HID- Anything else you would like our readers to know?
Bailey- "One love, baby."
Tickets for Saturday's show are $13 in advance here or they can be purchased fee free at the Garden Bowl. The day of the show, the price will go up to $15. But, thanks to our good friends over at Black Iris Booking we are getting one lucky fan and a friend in to the show for free. To enter to win these tickets, just email your name to hipindetroit@gmail.com with Balance & Composure in the subject. We will draw our winner the morning of the show. Good luck!


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