Friday, September 19, 2014

An Interview with Steven David Tuthill of The Beggars

This Saturday, September 20th Detroit's own The Beggars are taking over The Magic Bag in Ferndale and dropping a self titled album. This band is as rock and roll as they come, their stage show is memorizing and their music is phenomenal. I had a great time dancing during their set at Pig & Whiskey and can personally say that anyone who comes out to see them play this Saturday is in for a great time. Pretty Ghouls and After Dark Amusement Park are opening the show and it is only $10 to get in the door.

We had a chance to talk to front mad Steven David Tutthill. Check out what he has to say, listen to their latest single here, and head out to the show this Saturday.

HID- The Beggars are as well know for their stage show as they are for their music. How would you describe the stage show in only three words?
Steven David Tuthill- "Cure Your Rock-a-tidus"

HID- Is it true that you are a former pro wrestler? If so what was your wrestling name and why?
SDT- "It's true! I did wrestle professionally in the mid-late 1990s. However I dropped out of The NWA Michigan School of Professional Wrestling. My name was Sinsational Steve (Morrison) given to me by present day Pistons Assistant Coach Chuck Klask."

HID- Where did you record the new album? What is the most ridiculous story from the making of the recording?
SDT- "The Loft in Saline, MI w/ Andy Patalin. It's on a horse farm... really great atmosphere... of course this was during the Polar Vortex. Eddie Spaghetti and Tony Maisano produced it... we had a great team working on this."

HID- Tell us about your new music video for "Your Love Will Rot My Brain", directed by Drew Podgorski of Please Don't Change.
SDT- "The new video is for our single "Your Love Will Rot My Brain" was done at Ron Rose Milagro and is directed by Drew Podgorski (Please Don't Change), Art Director Glenn Parsons (Seasame Street). It was a blast shooting it... Drew and I have been buds (both wrote separate songs titled "Stop, Drop, Rock and Roll") for years and we finally got to join forces and do something cool. We shot the whole thing in 45 Action Packed minutes...worked out well. Really proud of the video and it will debut Saturday night."

HID- Where did you get that hair?
SDT- "This Hair was inherited from my Finish Ancestors, but I was also electrocuted (FOR REAL) while working at Legendary Mall TWELVE OAKS in 1997. It is important to use the finest "legal" hair products (I roughly spend $32.11 a Day on product)..."

HID- Why should someone come see your show this weekend?
SDT- "Saturday Night at the Magic Bag has a fantastic lineup, We are really proud of this show...PRETTY GHOULS and AFTER DARK AMUSEMENT PARK (The opening acts are so DOG-GONE GOOD!!!). We are going do what we do...Play Real Deal Fun Loving Rock and Roll. Us Beggars will give the audience an old time "not too cool for school" rock and roll party!...We even smile on stage."

HID- Worst band that you have played with?
SDT- "We have played with a lot of bands... most are tolerable to fantastic... tough question. There was one band in Madison, WI about 5 years ago called LOT 47(maybe LOT 74?)... That sucked pretty bad, a bunch of pseudo tuff dudes. They had no etiquette at all even for an outta town band (us). Fortunately we have played with a shit-ton of excellent bands and they come to mind much quicker than the few shitty ones (SHIT- Lot 64...GREAT- Colossus, The Muggs, Hotness, Duende!, High Strung...)"

HID- Funniest tour story from this summer with the Supersuckers?
SDT- "The Tour was fantastic. The Supersuckers were really good to us (Eddie even came up and sang "Your Love Will Rot My Brain" a good amount of times). We played some great and strange venues and met some kick ass Rocker Dudes and Rocker Ladies. There was a story every day... but what happens in PEKIN, ILLINOIS......"

Eddie Spaghetti and Steven
Photo By: Rock n Roll Hall of Fame photographer Bob Alford

HID- Anything else that you would like our readers to know?
SDT- "Let the Readers know that whenever the chips are down and things are looking tough... Rock n Roll will be there for them... It always will be. Sounds stupid? Maybe, but it's the truth. Little Richard is still alive and maybe we should all write him a letter to show some gratitude."


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