Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Visit The Redford Theatre - Detroit's 95 Year Old Movie House

In the 1920s, movie going was more than just a night out, it was an experience. Movie theaters were called movie palaces with elaborate design and décor. Silent films were often accompanied by live music. And feature films as well as films with sound were new to the scene. 
This is an experience that can still be found today at the Redford Theatre. First opening its doors in 1928, the Redford Theatre is celebrating its 95th anniversary this year. The theatre features an elegant lobby, balcony and main floor seating, Japanese inspired décor, and a ceiling that makes you feel as though you are under the night sky. Adding to the ambiance is a Barton organ, which is played before every movie as well as at intermission. This organ is original to the theatre and much of the reason that this theatre still exists today, thanks to the Motor City Theatre Organ Society

Nowadays, movie goers can visit the Redford Theatre most weekends throughout the year. The theatre shows classic films ranging from the 1920s through the 1990s. Some of the movies shown include blockbuster hits, while others have more of a cult following. In celebration of the theatres 95th anniversary, some of the films on this year's schedule include Vertigo, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and The Notebook. The schedule also includes many silent films with accompaniment from the Barton organ throughout the film. You can check out the schedule online here. In addition to weekend screenings, the theatre also holds special engagements from time to time. The next one on the books is a viewing of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan with Special Guest William Shatner

Most nights, tickets to the Redford Theatre are $5, with special engagements having a higher ticket price. The theatre also features a great concession stand ran by volunteers, with your favorite nostalgic candy, popcorn, and pop, all at very reasonable prices. You can also pick up a t-shirt to commemorate your visit in the lobby and get in on the 50/50 raffle, with proceeds going towards the maintenance, repairs, and operations of the theatre. 

We promise you that a visit to the Redford Theatre will be a magical experience and your new favorite way to watch a movie! 

The Redford Theatre is located at 17360 Lahser Rd., Detroit, MI 48219. Follow the theatre on Facebook to stay in the loop on upcoming showings and events. 

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