Friday, March 4, 2022

Calling All Artists that Want to Play a Part in Corktown's Next Chapter

Some artists create for themselves and others imagine what it would be like to have their work displayed on a larger scale. If you are a Detroiter who has dreamed of getting your work seen by everyone in the city Michigan Central District has an opportunity that you might be interested in. The Michigan Central Art Program is hosting an open call for proposals to have your work be one of the first three pieces that will be featured in the "The Exchange" one of the many new buildings/concepts coming to Ford's future Corktown Campus. The Exchange will be a state-of-the-art, tech-enabled mobility center offering 1,250 parking spots, an autonomous vehicle testing area, e-bike and e-scooter stations, electric charging, automated payment technology, and smart guidance systems. There are three different opportunities with different budgets, themes, and goals. First, you'll want to pick which theme/idea inspires you, and then you will want to create a mock-up to send in with your application.
Be sure to keep these questions in mind when you are coming up with your idea:

• How does your work relate to the past, present, or future of the site?
• How does it speak to the neighborhoods and communities that surround The Exchange?
• Does your work intend to enliven the area or make it a more welcoming space? How do you plan to
achieve that impact?
• How do you plan to engage viewers?
• What is your intended viewer experience?
• What are you hoping viewers will take away from your work?

To apply you must also meet a few specifications:

• The artists(s) are recognized as artists by peers within their community
• Every group must have at least one local artist that has been based in Detroit for the past 5+ years
• Artists have demonstrated experience with public art and are comfortable working in artist teams

Initial submissions due: Friday, March 25, 2022

Here's a little bit about each opportunity:

Bagley Street-

A commissioned lenticular artwork that cultivates connections between biophilia and movement.
Dynamic, expressive, and iconic, the Bagley Street artwork connects perspectives and provides an
inventive look at the relationship between nature and technology.
• Artwork will be adhered to 6” wide x 15’-2” high rotating aluminum panels
• Opportunity spans 97’ at street level on Bagley Street

Budget: $80,000

Water Cisterns-

A building wrap of the water cisterns that tells the story of transformation and purposeful
integration with the landscape and the surrounding neighborhoods. Supporting Bagley’s
sustainability effort, the cistern wrap engages and energizes the landscape.
• The cisterns are made of ¼” carbon steel shells
• Each cistern is 13’-0” diameter x 40’-0” high
• The lateral surface area is approximately 1635 square feet

Budget: $40,000

South Stairwell-

Site-specific artwork applied to multicellular polycarbonate panels at the southern-facing stairwell
that connects new pathways in the building while creating engagement and interest from the
exterior. This is an opportunity to activate and energize the landscape, and the application should
be viewed from the exterior.
• The panels are approximately 2’ wide and spans 43’ wide x 13’-23’ high
• This opportunity spans 6 levels

Budget: $40,000

To learn more, get all the rules and regulations, and apply visit


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