Monday, January 3, 2022

New Year, New Menu + New Look For Public House

The new year welcomes a new era for Public House in Downtown Ferndale. The new owners have renovated the entire restaurant and created a new menu that caters to carnivores as comprehensively as it caters to vegans. They offer unique cocktails alongside a full menu of mocktails. They also have a great mix of greasy bar and restaurant staples, like burgers and fries, alongside big salads and hearty vegetable based appetizers, like cauliflower wings and broccolini. They have found their own unique way to have a little something for everyone.
The new Public House resembles the old one, but it's a little more stream lined inside while being a little more over the top in the back. For instance, they have added a lot of greenery as well as a flower wall and a neon sign that says "Hello Gorgeous".
For our first visit we tried the cauliflower wings, the brussels sprouts and the Caesar salad with smoked tempeh added to the dish. The portions were hefty, the brussels were out of this world, the wings were spicy, and the salad was smoky, creamy and amazing, especially since it was completely vegan. As an added bonus, we learned that all of the vegan food was made in a completely separate kitchen.
Public House is now open at 4 p.m. seven days a week. You can visit their website here to make a reservation or try your chances walking in whenever you ae hungry. Public House is located at 241 W. 9 Mile in Downtown Ferndale. The new owners also own Pop's For Italian and One Eyed Betty's, so if you like either of those establishments, you know you can expect something great from this spot!


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