Friday, September 17, 2021

Calling All Makers: Apply For the Detroit Urban Craft Fair

During the lockdown, we saw a lot of new people crafting and creating. We also saw a lot of these people turn that new hobby into a new business. So, we wanted to tell all the Midwest makers about one of the best places to sell your handmade items this holiday season. The Detroit Urban Craft Fair is the place to shop local this holiday season and if you make and sell something cool, you still have time to sign up to be a part of the show!

The 2021 Detroit Urban Craft Fair will be a hybrid event with an in-person and virtual component so that everyone can access handmade for the holidays. This is one of the most well-attended events of the season and most of the vendors report record-high sales after the three day event. The best part about this show is that all of the makers are required to be present at their tables. So, you can ask questions and find out about all the cool things that you are buying, which makes those gifts extra special. It's just as fun for the makers as it is for the shoppers and most people come ready to buy.

Applying for Detroit Urban Craft Fair is easy. All you need to do is fill out this form on their website.
Before you log in to do so, get 5 good photos of your work, and think up a clever little pitch that tells the jury why you should be a part of the show. It's low cost to apply, but it is also competitive, so you want to make sure that your work stands out and is seen when they are making the final cut. Each year the DUCF features approximately 105 vendors and they try to take five to seven vendors from each category. They encourage people to showcase new items, unique items, and to show them something they haven't seen before.  They also make sure to include new vendors every year and they accept people that have applied and been turned down in the past. So, if you want a shot, be as creative as you are with your crafting and you will have the highest chance of getting in.

To learn more about the Detroit Urban Craft Fair visit their website or follow them on Instagram or Facebook.

For everyone else; mark your calendars, DUCF 2021 will take place December 3-5th at The Masonic Temple


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