Thursday, August 12, 2021

Not Sorry Goods Opens a Flagship Store in Downtown Ferndale

Clothing and culture are changing. Fast fashion is finally being called out for the waste creating, capitalistic money grabber that it is and people across the board are being called out on their bullshit. Post pandemic, no one is willing to waste a second thinking about what anyone else says about who they are, who they choose to love, what sex they identify as, what size body they are occupying, or how they choose to dress it, and no brand captures this sentiment better than Metro Detroit's Not Sorry Goods.
Not Sorry is the brainchild of Dy-min Johnson (she/her) and Jess Minnick (she/they) two amazing people who met at a kickboxing class in 2015 and vibed so well that they decided to create a clothing movement together. The idea was simple, to create "a brand to empower us and others to be true to themselves". They were done being sorry and they knew that other people were too. So, they combined their love of thrift shopping with their backgrounds in fashion, marketing, design, and blogging to create an entire line of Not Sorry Goods. They popped up, set up shop at Ponyride, and had a semi-permanent space in The Rust Belt before taking the plunge and opening their own retail space in Ferndale, Michigan this August. Over the last 5+ years, they have become well known for their Not Sorry attire, including Black Not Sorry, Queer Not Sorry, and Detroit Not Sorry, but this new shop will take that to the next level.
Not Sorry's new brick and mortar space gives the brand the opportunity to expand into much more. It combines its retail location with its production facility, which means a few different things. First off, you can peep behind the curtain and look into the production room where the team is making the next batch of goods whenever you visit. It also means that new items will be hitting the shelves every day of the week. Additionally, the shop has the ability to stitch almost anything you want into anything you want. So, you can bring something into the store and get it decked out with different words and stitching in thousands of colors. This is the perfect way to customize a jean jacket or add a little flair to some plain pieces that you have lying around that you want to mix up and re-ware. Basically, the possibilities are endless, so all you need to do is let the creativity flow. This is a whole new approach to fashion for a new era that welcomes everyone to participate in the party. They take something old and make it new and you take it home and wear it out tonight! 
Not Sorry Goods is located at 22963 Woodward Ave. Ferndale, MI 48220. They are currently open 11 a.m. - 7 p.m. Wednesday - Saturday and 12 p.m. - 6 p.m. Sunday. We would also like to mention that Not Sorry Goods is well known for giving back to their community. They donate a large portion of their sales to different groups in the area, including a recent $900 donation to Affirmations. So, when you shop here you can rest assured that you are also contributing back to the community and supporting local causes that matter.

Yes, you can also shop Not Sorry Goods online here, but do us a favor and stop in and show the team some extra love to get them started off right if you can!


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