Friday, February 12, 2021

Who Boy is Back with New Music

Like most bands, Who Boy has been relatively quiet since COVID hit. Before the pandemic, they had just released an EP entitled ONEHUNDRED 100 and they were ready to play the tunes live. They had shows lined up and plans for the year. They were even on the bill for MOPOP. Obviously that all changed. Shows were cancelled, MOPOP was cancelled, and things got pretty quiet for the band.

Well now Who Boy is back and they have some new music! The band just released a new single called "Yellow Check" this week. The song is an ambient track and is completely different from anything that they have released in the past. Give it a listen by clicking play below. 

If you like what you hear, head over and follow Who Boy on Facebook and Instagram. They plan to release another new song in a couple of weeks! We had a chance to check it out and it is a good mix of the new and the old Who Boy. So we think you will like what you're going to hear! 


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