Friday, February 19, 2021

The Crofoot Presents Brings Live Music to a New Site on the Detroit Riverfront

Site of the New Outdoor Venue - Riverside Station Detroit (From Google Maps)

Over the years, the team at The Crofoot Presents has transformed everything from parking lots to historic buildings like The Fisher into amazing concert grounds. Their team knows what it takes to put on an amazing show and this summer they have plans to blow concert goers away with another new experience. 

It's no secret that over the past year live music has been basically non-existent. Going to a venue and getting sweaty next to a complete stranger isn't really an option right now. So, the team at The Crofoot Presents decided that they were going to have to get creative if they wanted to continue to produce live music. In the fall of 2020, they began hosting some drive-in concerts at the lot across from The Crofoot. This year, they have a new plan in place to create a safe, outdoor space for concerts. They will be drawing fans to the old site of the Joe Louis Arena for new concert grounds in the parking lot across the street, just west of the old arena. The venue will be called Riverside Station Detroit, appropriately named since it is alongside the Detroit River and located below the Joe Louis Arena Station for the People Mover. In a recent interview and article from WDET, Dan McGowan from The Crofoot Presents shared the plan for this new space. He explained that this site will allow for music fans to once again experience the thrill of live music by setting up pods for viewing. The grounds will be separated like a checkerboard into designated areas for groups of up to 6 people. Each of these "pods" will be 8 feet apart from one another. So, no there won't be a "pit" and you won't' be getting touched by strangers or questioning whether you're covered in your own sweat, someone else's sweat, or beer, but is that really a bad thing? Personally we are all for this new idea, especially if it means that we can start seeing live music again! 

In addition to spacing fans out during the show, there will be other modifications to the concert going experience as well. Instead of visiting the merch booth or standing in line for a drink, purchases will all be made from your pod through an app on your phone. Then you will sit there like royalty while staff brings your order right to you! Sounds pretty sweet, right? Plus, then you don't have to worry about missing the show while you wait in line for a drink! 

The first show that has been announced for Riverside Station Detroit is Mt. Joy on May 7th with Michigander. Tickets are already on sale for this inaugural event and can be purchased online here. Tickets are on sale per pod, which for this show is for up to 4 people. Pods range from $175-$250, with the higher priced pods being located closer to the stage. Tickets are already selling quickly, so if you're interested in attending this show, don't wait too long to purchase yours!

The team at The Crofoot Presents said that they will be announcing more shows at this new venue in the coming weeks! So keep an eye on The Crofoot's Facebook page and Instagram to be the first to hear those announcements. 

Riverside Station Detroit is located at 701 W. Jefferson Ave., Detroit, MI 48226. To learn more about this new venue, check out this interview from WDET


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