Monday, February 8, 2021

Everyone Can Enjoy A Sandwich + More at Oak House Deli

Some people say that the sandwich is the perfect food. It's portable, it can be made hot or cold, and the meats, veggies, cheeses, and condiments can be switched up a million different ways. In fact, Americans love sandwiches so much that we eat around 300 million of them every day. If you love sandwiches as much as the rest of us do, you will be pleased to find that Royal Oak has a deliciously unique deli that serves up scrumptious sandwiches for EVERYONE. 

Oak House Deli is the first deli in Metro Detroit to offer a full menu of staple sandwiches that can be made 100% vegan without sacrificing a single ingredient. Craving a fresh Italian sub on Crispelli's bread? You can have it stuffed with fresh-cut Boar's Head deli meats or 100% high-quality vegan slices if you're keeping it plant-based. Do you want pasta salad or potato salad on the side, go ahead and order it. They even have a vegan egg salad ready-to-go! It is RARE to find a spot that serves up so many options. Especially when it does all of them well.

This is the perfect place to get something to-go because everyone in the group will be able to find something that they like. They even have vegan desserts and Faygo pop on their menu. Their prices are more than reasonable, their service is friendly and quick, and you can pre-order and pick up using their website. We have been grabbing to-go hoagies every time we are in the area and we haven't had a bad sandwich yet. We highly suggest working your way through the menu before you land on your go to order because we would have never guessed that the vegan egg salad sandwich would be our favorite until we tried it! The vegan Italian is a close runner up, but if we're being honest, we plan to eat every single sub on that menu again when we get the chance.

You can view Oak House Deli's full menu here.



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