Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Hip's 2020 Guide to Shopping and Eating Local #shopsmallordie

If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that nothing is for sure and nothing lasts forever. The ways things are will not be the way that they will always be and if you want to make sure that what matters to you is still here tomorrow, you might have to do something to make that happen. 

We have always believed in shopping local, but this year it's not a cute slogan or a fun thing to tell your friends when they open their gifts, it is life or death for small local shops and restaurants and right now our money is their only bail out plan. So, we wanted to make it easy for you to order things online, socially distanced shop, and to get takeout. It also would be cool to open up your Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/ TikTok and follow as many of these small spaces as possible. They need your support to make it through 2020 and 2021. This is a call, let's answer it.

This list includes brick and mortar shops that have had to close during 2020 and takeout restaurants.
If you would like us to consider adding your spot to this list please email us directly at We know we have missed a lot of great spots, so if you think of one, let us know. We will keep re-sharing and adding to the list all holiday season so that we can all use it over and over again to shop and order takeout.

Armageddon BeachpartyBusted Bra Shop
Tailered Detroit

To-Go Food

Detroit Soul

Slows To Go

Detroit One Coney Island Restaurant

Grey Ghost Detroit


Supino Pizzeria

Bucharest Grill

The Peterboro

Green Dot Stables

Selden Standard


Vicente’s Cuban Cuisine

Grey Ghost Detroit

Lady of the House

Chartreuse Kitchen & Cocktails

Lafayette Coney Island

Mercury Burger & Bar

Ottava Via

Batch Brewing Company


Grandma Bobs Pizza


Pie Sci Pizza

Los Galanes Mexican Restraunt

Sweetwater Tavern

Hygrade Deli

The Whitney

Honest John's

Johnny Noodle King

Detroit Shipping Company

Michigan & Trumbull

Detroit Vegan Soul

Flowers of Vietnam


El Barzon

Mudgie's Deli and Bar

Joe Muer Seafood

Dime Store

Pho Lucky Detroit - Midtown

SheWolf Pastificio & Bar

American Coney Island



Go Sy Thai

Jolly Pumpkin Pizzeria & Brewery


Lumen Detroit

Rose's Fine Food and Wine

San Morello

La Lanterna


FOLK Detroit

Wright & Company

Niki's Pizza

The Brooklyn Street Local LLC

Harmony Garden Cafe

The Block

The Hudson Cafe

The Old Shillelagh

Rock City Eatery

Chili Mustard Onions

Central Kitchen + Bar

Brome Modern Eatery

Kuzzo's Chicken & Waffles


Avalon International Breads


Red Dunn


Cass Cafe

The Peterboro



Spread Detroit

The Block

Shield's Restaurant Bar Pizzeria

Mudgie's Deli and Bar

Street Beet 

Sister Pie

Astro Coffee

Narrow Way Cafe & Shop

To-Go Drinks
Second Best

Lost River

The Sugar House

Cork and Gabel

Bagley Central

The Skip


Two James

Castilia Cocktails



Book Suey

Detroit Threads

Tekla Vintage

To-Go Food

Polish Village Cafe

Polonia Restaurant

Nosh Pit Detroit

Renegade Kitchen (at Small’s)

Kelly’s Bar

To-Go Drinks

The Painted Lady Lounge

The Film Lab



Eastern Market


Savvy Chic


Vintage Eastern Market

3 Dogs 1 Cat

To-Go Food

Supino Pizzeria

People's Pierogi Collective

Stache International

Jose’s Tacos

Milano Bakery

Amore da Roma

To-Go Drinks

Eastern Market Brewing Co

Detroit City Distillery

Vivio's Food & Spirits

Lagerhouse No. 5



John K. King Books North
Elaine B Jewelry

Margaux & Max

Detroit City Skateboards

Downtown Ferndale Bike Shop

The Rust Belt

Hook and Eye

The Rocket

Modern Natural Baby

Green Daffodil

Found Sound

Electric Vector



Rouge Nail and Makeup Studio

Whimsical Wit

To-Go Food

Ferndale Project

Red Hook

The Emory


Inyo Sushi

Anita’s Kitchen

Christine’s Cusine



Fly Trap

Otus Supply

Bobcat Bonnie’s

Detroit Fleat


Woodward Avenue Brewers

Detroit Cookie Company

Chazzano Coffee

Detroit Bubble Tea

Drifter Coffee

Treat Dreams

To-Go Drinks

The Oakland Art Novelty Company


Schramms Mead

Traverse City Whiskey

Urbanrest Brewing

Brooks Brewing

Valentine Distilling Co.

The W.A.B.

Royal Oak


Rail & Anchor


UHF Records

Lost and Found Vintage

Funky 7 Inc

Pitaya Inc

Noir Leather

Leah's Closet

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