Monday, October 28, 2019

It's Getting Extra Hot in Here

Have you ever met anyone that has to put hot sauce on everything? It turns out that they might be addicted! Eating chilis and hot sauce stimulate your body to release endorphins that make you feel good, so it's no wonder some of us are constantly chasing the high and exploring new flavors and mixes. Hot sauce has been around since the early 1800s and there are thousands of different types, brands, and flavors to choose from, so it's important to search far and wide to find something that makes you smile. Fortunately, there is a hot sauce made right here in Metro Detroit that ranks right up there with the best and they are releasing a third flavor this week!

Two Dogs Hot Sauce was created in Ferndale, Michigan and is currently being bottled in Warren, Michigan. They have two signature flavors, Michigan Cherry Habanero and Black Garlic Habanero. Both flavors are tasty, but Black Pepper Habanero became a household staple after the first time we had a taste. It adds the perfect kick to everything, especially soups. This week Two Dogs will add Ghost Sauce to their roster. This new mixture promises to be their spiciest yet!

To celebrate the release of Ghost Sauce they have teamed up with Pjork pop-up and catering to host a tasting at The Loving Touch this Tuesday, October 29th. The event is free to attend and will feature music from some talented artists, including The Tellways, Let's Be Frank, HWT, and S.U.B.. Doors for the event are at 7 p.m. and Pjork will be serving up three kinds of tacos, chicken with tomato, smoked pork shoulder, and potato with poblano and cojita. It is free to get in and get a taste. Come make some plans to come to get your fix tomorrow!


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