Thursday, September 26, 2019

Vans Gives Back To Detroit

When I was younger, people used to argue about which brand made the coolest kicks. Some kids wore Chucks, some wore Docs, but if you were really hip, you wore Vans. From the second The Suicide Machines started singing about them, they were all that I wanted to wear and somehow a million years later they are still my go-to brand. I usually wear a leopard print pair, but have a few limited edition gems that I like to bust out when I get the chance because my love for Vans goes even deeper than shoes or music.

Over the last year, Vans has been sinking some serious money into Detroit's art, music, skate culture, and youth. They started by popping up and giving out gear at least year's Murals in the Market and took it to the next level with the House of Vans takeover of an old high school that celebrated art, music, and skateboarding. This week, Vans stepped it up and made an even deeper commitment to the arts and music of Detroit. They visited 5 different schools and donated $10,000 to their music and arts programs. They also gave out shoes, backpacks, reusable bottles, and other gear to keep the kids looking fresh. Music and Arts programs are the first things to be cut when schools are struggling, but for many of us, they are the only place where we get to be creative and express ourselves. Vans want to make sure that Detroit's kids get the chance to experience how meaningful creativity can be.  To support Vans community efforts and to learn more about why they give back click here.


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