Monday, September 9, 2019

The SheTown Film Festival Returns to Detroit this Weekend

A lot of people complain that the world isn't the way that they want it to be, other's find ways to create the spaces that they want to exist. Mike Madigan and Amanda Looney are two veteran filmmakers that didn't like the way that women were being represented and celebrated in the film industry, so they created their own film festival to make sure that women got their chance to shine. The Detroit SheTown Film Festival was born in 2018 to celebrate female filmmakers and it was well-received, even selling out a few of its inaugural events. This inspired the co-creators to bring the festival back to Detroit for the second year, but being the innovators that they are, they have added even more to make the second year bigger and better in every way.

The 2019 SheTown Film Festival received entries from hundreds of filmmakers from 25 different countries. The panel watched every film and curated a weekend of movie watching that they think everyone will enjoy. They have separated the films into a few different categories and curated a few parties and events to make the weekend extra special. This includes a free mixer this Thursday, September 12 and a comedy block on Saturday, September 14th that Mandy says you will not want to miss. You can see a full lineup of events and purchase tickets here. Each showing is only $10 and a weekend pass to get into everything is only $70, which means that this festival is VERY affordable. If you like films, want to make films, already make films, or just want to do something different this weekend, check out the Detroit SheTown Film Festival and celebrate all of the cool things that women have done with film.


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