Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Keep it Goth at City Club

The historic Leland Hotel opened its doors in 1927. At that time Detroit was the fourth biggest city in the United States. The 22 story building was designed by a Chicago firm called Rapp & Rapp. It featured 800 rooms, a variety of shops, a ballroom and a bar. The lobby remains true to its 1927 design. The Leland also has quite a seedy history and was the main hangout place of The Purple Gang in the 1970's. Legend has it that it was the first place the police went when Jimmy Hoffa disappeared in 1975. Many people believe that the hotel and club are haunted, citing the many murders and suicides that have taken place within its walls. Four people even died during the construction of the hotel and many people swear that you can see a lady in white if you are in the basement at the right time. The almost 100-year building has remained open since its conception and it was officially made a historical space in 2005. The hotel also featured a nightclub.

The club was originally called Your Father’s Mustache. The nightclub was decorated with 1880's decor and all of the waitstaff had handlebar mustaches. By the 60's, the bar had been converted into an upscale bar and by the 80's it had become City Club, a goth/industrial underground hangout that became a legendary part of Detroit's nightlife. The club has become known for its goth nights, and the first one for this year will take place this Saturday, January 13th. The night will feature Resident DJs Charles English and Jay Misanthropia, Mike Textbeak, and special guest AudioFlesh (Glitch Mode Recordings / The Ination) from Ohio. The party takes place from 10 p.m. until 4 a.m. and 18 and older are welcome. Admission is $5 if you are of drinking age and $10 if you are not.

To learn more about goth nights and to find out when they are happening, click here. The lobby of the Leland and City Club goth parties are both interesting pieces of Detroit history that you must experience for yourself!


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