Thursday, September 28, 2017

This Friday the Scarab Club Celebrates 110 Years

The Scarab Club was formed in 1907 and it was first named the Hopkin Club after its founder, a marine painter named Robert Hopkin. Its purpose was "to promote the mutual acquaintance of art lovers and art workers; to stimulate and guide toward practical expression the artistic sense of the people of Detroit; to advance the knowledge and love of the fine arts in every possible manner; and to maintain a clubhouse for entertainment and social purposes as well as to provide working and exhibit facilities for artist members." It was renamed The Scarab Club in 1913 when a Detroit architect, named Lancelot Sukert, designed the current clubhouse at 217 Farnsworth. The club was featured in Life magazine in 1937 and a lot of important people have signed the building's ceiling beams in the lodge, this includes John Sloan, Diego Rivera, Pablo Davis, Marcel Duchamp, Norman Rockwell, and John Sinclair. The building is not only beautiful, it is full of art and history.

Over the last few years, Detroit has experienced a rebirth of art and a whole new community has formed within the city. The Scarab Club has embraced this change and hired a new director to curate a new art scene inside the club's walls. This Friday, the club will celebrate its 110th birthday by reflecting on where it all started, by celebrating the art of its founder Robert Hopkin. The night will feature music from the in-house band and a photo booth to capture a memory within the historic building walls. There will also be a strolling dinner and an open bar! Tickets to attend the celebration are only $40 a person ($35 for members) and the event takes place from 7:30 p.m. until 11 p.m. this Friday, September 29th.


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