Monday, September 11, 2017

Heat Up Your Life At The New Rouge Sauna

I have been trying lots of new ways to relax and recuperate. I work hard, I train hard, and I find myself needing a good way to center and relax more often than ever. We are all so plugged into the internet that sometimes finding an excuse to unplug, even for only an hour seems impossible. But, I have found that when I do my entire attitude changes and I finally get a restful night of sleep.

My latest stop in my quest to find new ways to chill out was a visit to the new Rouge Sauna room in Ferndale. The organic, vegan nail and makeup studio has been expanding its services over the last few years and they have added lots of great organic services like waxing, facials, and brow and lash tinting. They have also recently installed two saunas and created a one of a kind experience that you can't get anywhere else in the area.  

If you have been to Rouge and purchased a service, you already know that you can expect the best. Their pedicures are out of this world, in fact, they are more of experience than a beauty service. They are long luxurious and involve lots of special extras like a hot stone massage when you splurge on the deluxe version of the service. Their intent is to help you truly relax and take care of yourself using animal-friendly organic products that are good for your outsides and your insides. So, I was not surprised that they embraced the practice of hot saunas and brought it to their beauty parlor.

Saunas have been used all over the world since the middle ages. They are a part of daily life in countries like Finland and Germany and have all sorts of proved health benefits, including flushing toxins, strengthening your immune system, aiding in a workout and muscle recovery, improving hair and skin, and strengthening your cardiovascular system. They are also mega relaxing and can help you melt away a day stress really quickly.  
I walked into the salon a ball of stress and frustration and left just a little over an hour later glowing and smiling. The Rouge Sauna was of course over the top luxurious and exactly what my tired body needed last week. The private sauna that I used was preheated to 135 degrees. When I arrived I was given a ton of clean towels of varying sizes, a nice robe and a place to change and get comfortable. There was relaxing music playing throughout the space and the room smelled amazing form whatever candles or incense they were burning inside. I changed into my robe, poured myself a glass of water and learned how to control the light and the heat once I got into the sauna.  Then, I was left alone to pop in and out of the heat for the next hour. When I would get out to cool down I had a nice lounging chair to relax in and a few cold towels to put on my forehead. By going in and out of the heat and focusing on my breathing I was able to forget about all my troubles and open up my pores to give my skin a chance to really breathe. After my session, it took me a few minutes to come down from the high I got from being so warm and relaxed and calm for an hour.  I felt the benefits for the rest of the day and well into the next one.  

The effects of one sauna session were immediate and lasting. I have been dreaming about booking my next visit and I cannot wait to book a session or two with a friend so we can relax and enjoy the sauna together. This would definitely be a great place to kick back with a small group of friends. Plus, its really affordable which means that there is no reason to not give this one a try to see if it works as well for you. A one-hour session is only $35 and a quick half hour "power" session is $20.  You can also add this service onto a facial for FREE through the end of September so there is even more of a reason to get in there and give it a try. My biggest fear for this place is that it is going to get so popular that I'm not going to be able to get in as much as I would like, but I guess that is a risk worth taking. This was one of the most beneficial self-care practices I have tried so far, especially when you consider the price. So, go ahead, treat yourself and book you session in the sauna at Rouge, you won't regret it! 


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