Thursday, July 6, 2017

Catching Up with James Linck and Ancient Language at Corktown STRUT

This past weekend some of the best bands and musicians that Detroit has to offer all flocked to Corktown to play this year's Corktown STRUT. Bands packed bars throughout the neighborhood and brought fans out to Dean Savage Park to listen to tunes all afternoon long.

Although there were a ton of great acts playing throughout the weekend, for us, James Linck and Ancient Language topped the list. These two are always amazing to see, but James Linck and Chris Jarvis left Detroit for a while, leaving us wondering when we would get a chance to see them live again. Well Chris is back in town and him and his brother Zach are taking Ancient Language in a new direction. And James, well he came all the way back from LA just to play this festival. We had a chance to chat with Ancient Language and literally take a "strut" at the Corktown STRUT with James Linck and Ricky Ruggero. Get the scoop on what's new and what's next for both.

The next time that you can see James Linck and Ancient Language live in the Detroit area is on August 12th at the Korner Bar. They'll both be hitting the stage for the Foster Muldoon release show. For more info on that and to RSVP so you won't miss it, head over to the Facebook event page here.

You can also check out the latest single from Ancient Language below. And keep an eye on what James Linck is up to on his Facebook and on Soundcloud here.


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