Friday, July 28, 2017

Pick Up Cheapshow's "The Things You'll Find When You Need Them The Most" from Dropping Bombs HC

Photo Credit: Dana Ocher

Cheapshow is a band that we absolutely love. They make fun punk rock songs with super witty titles and lyrics. You can check out some of their tunes on their bandcamp here. Earlier this spring the band put out their latest release, a three song EP entitled The Things You'll Find When You Need Them The Most. This was the follow up to the band's full length that was released back in 2015, I Hope This Is A Sign That Things Are Going Well. Well, now this new EP will not only be available to you online, but it is also being released as a limited plexiglass lathe cut record on Dropping Bombs HC. Here's what Cheapshow's frontman Vince Troia had to say about this new release.
"I always feel weird when I try to describe anything about Cheapshow. Like, I think everything we do is a little bit better and more exciting than what we did before. But that's just my opinion. I mean, I'm sure when Davey Havoc and Jade Puget finished Blaqk Audio's CexCells they were like "this is the best album we've ever created. It's not like we wrote Black Sails In The Sunset or anything."

The Things You'll Find When You Need Them The Most isn't only our first follow up EP to I Hope This Is A Sign That Things A Going Well, but also a continuation of a story. I Hope's installment tells the story of how a relationship decays and then affect an individual, where this EP tells the story of when you meet the person that pulls you out of that post-breakup slump.

All of us at camp Cheapshow and Dropping Bombs are super stoked on this release, and we hope you are too!"
The new record is available for pre-order starting today and the physical copies will be shipped out in September. You can reserve your copy by heading over to the Dropping Bombs store here. To get a preview of what you will hear on that record once it comes in the mail, stream the EP via bandcamp below. 


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