Friday, January 6, 2017

Yoga for Stoners

In 2008 Michigan became one 25 states that have legalized medical marijuana. This means that if you get the recommendation of a licensed doctor and apply for a license through the state, you can use marijuana to treat certain types of aliments and diseases. Throughout the last 7/8 years we have seen medical marijuana facilities pop up around town and using it to treat medical aliments has become more widely accepted.

Yoga has also traditionally been used to treat a vast number of issues and to improve overall health. So, naturally, eventually someone would want to put them together. That someone is Krysta Danai, a local yogi that started Yoga for Stoners on Mondays and Wednesday in Detroit. We reached out to Krysta to find out more about how this works, so check out what she has to say and drop into a class if you're looking for an interesting way to relax, center, and refocus.
HID-When did you start doing yoga?
Krysta Danai- "I started doing yoga in college after knee pain caused me to take time away from dancing. I was looking for ways to keep my body moving and I happened upon yoga."

HID- What inspired you to become a teacher?
Krysta Danai- "Once I started practicing I wanted to learn more about poses and the origins of yoga. This led me to start looking into the religious aspects, learning about Vedanta. I was inspired to deepen my personal practice and once I gained more knowledge I couldn't keep it to myself and I wanted to share it with those in my community."

HID- How did you start teaching yoga classes at festivals?
Krysta Danai- "I first started teaching a yoga+dance classes with the Body Shop Xperts in Detroit, which led to us teaching workshops all over the country. I love to teach and am a big festival lover so this summer the opportunity was there to blend my love of music and yoga together at festivals. I jumped at the chance to make it happen teaching a Lakes of Fire the Midwest Regional Burning Man and then during Up North Festival."

HID- What made you decide to incorporate herbal substances into your practice?
Krysta Danai- "I love using herbal medicines in my spiritual practices and have been using Santa Maria, Tobacco, and other plant medicines to pray and meditate with for years. So I first started using cannabis in my yoga practice just by accident. I went to class one day after smoking and noticed that it made me aware of my body and it's energy in a different way."

HID- How exactly does that work? Do people come medicated or????
Krysta Danai- "We have a session 30 minutes before class starts, so it's up to the student if they want to join in the session, or medicate before, or practice without smoking which is always an option."

HID- Where do you host the slow burn classes?
Krysta Danai- "930 East Jefferson Detroit MI (entrance through the back)"

HID- Can a first timer come to this class?
Krysta Danai- "Absolutely, I base what I am teaching depending on the needs of the students who come to class that day. We have a variety of people who come from seasoned yogis and first timers."

HID- What do you need to bring to the class?
Krysta Danai- "An open mind, yoga mat, water, and a towel. We also have mats and water for those who didn't bring their own supplies."

HID- What's your favorite yoga pose and why?
Krysta Danai- "Urdva Dhanurasana aka Upward Facing Bow or Wheel pose. Not only does it strengthen and stretch the body it helps me to keep an open heart.

HID- Is there anything else that you would like our readers to know?
For more info they can check out our:
Facebook: Yogaforstoners
Instagram: @yogaforstoners
Or mine
Instagram: @kay_danai

If you're looking to find a new yoga practice that is a little outside the box, you can join Krysta at her next class, medicated or un-medicated! 


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