Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Slipstream Theater Asks Does Love Really Trump Hate?

Slipstream Theatre is a small local theater in Ferndale, Michigan where creatives come together to re-imagine the classics with a twist. The theater is in its third season and they will be opening their latest reinterpreted show, Romeo and Juliet, which will run for 12 performances starting this Saturday, January 7th.

The re-imagined tale of star crossed lovers features the tale of "A billionaire businessman that runs against a former First Lady and Secretary of State for President. The battle is heated, divisive, and induces the country's political upheaval. The four children of the businessman stand to inherit a dynasty if they follow their father's orders. The only daughter of the former First Lady must face the scrutiny of the public eye. This is the world of Capulet versus Montague in Slipstream's spin on Shakespeare's iconic Romeo and Juliet. The youngest daughter of the Capulet clan and the only daughter of the Montague family are the star-crossed lovers in this version, and they will stop at nothing to be together". The play essentially asks the question "does love really trump hate"?  

If you would like to see how this intriguing premise plays out in person make sure to attend one of the 12 performances taking place in Ferndale this month. Tickets to get into the show are only $12 and they are available for purchase here. This is a great way to support local art and artists while treating yourself to a fun night of live entertainment.  


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